Thank you everyone who joined us for our webinar about Groovy scripting in SoapUI. Click here to download the example project files we used in the Webinar . Use this test step to execute Groovy or JavaScript code from your tests. You can only debug scripts in the SoapUI Groovy Script test step. You can only debug . All SoapUI Pro support resources in one place. Easy access to product documentation.

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Here is the sample code that will remove the assertion created in the example above. Specify the assertion name as a string.

The test will stop on every breakpoint it encounters in Groovy Script test steps. The Test Step toolbar contains commands that allow you to modify a test step or appearance of the test step editor. Use the getPropertyValue method to get a property object.

SOAP UI Groovy Automation Framework To Test API Field Data Validation – developerWorks Recipes

To set a breakpoint: The excel can be utilized to execute different types of test cases using various type of test data. Executable step will consist of a loop which will run till the end of the Input Excel and perform the data validation for each Customer Identification Number. You can run any test step in the current test case. The default scripting language is Groovy.


Groovy Script Test Step

Scripts allow you to implement complex behavior of your test. Modifying of the underlying test case for example dynamic generation of test steps from a database for advanced data-driven scenarios. From a test case, test suite or xcript project. The response of the request will also be printed in the excel. Search Search developerWorks Recipes Search.

You can run debugging in two ways: Next step is to open the executable groovy step and click on run. A basic knowledge of API testing and groovy script is required.

You need to specify the assertion object to remove. Applies to ReadyAPI 2. See the common usage scenarios below.

Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. By using the yroovy method of the testRunner object, you can command ReadyAPI to jump the test execution to the specified test step after the script has finished. This will include the database connection and SQL query to fetch the required details from the table.


Interacting with the user dialogs, prompts, and so on for getting the input or controlling execution.

These files are not included in the default JRE installation, and you cannot run the debugger without it. You can sozpui debugging in two ways:. OracleDriver Later form a connection string as: If you want to make the debugger enabled by default, do the following: Similarly, response values from the JDBC test step will also be fetched into a sequential array of strings.

Execution result will be maintained in the Input excel itself.

Groovy Script Test Step | Documentation

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If the next statement calls another script, the whole call is executed as a single step. Sample Groovy Code for Executable: For more information on community content, please refer to our Terms of Use. Framework Run To run the framework, input excel will be filled with the test data.