Scholars usually treat writings about Macrina the Younger as sources of information about historical events and persons. In my opinion, all four sources about. Gregory of Nyssa lauded his older sister Macrina as “the common glory of Life of Macrina and The Dialogue on the Soul and the Resurrection, he portrayed. St. Gregory Of Nyssa: THE LIFE OF ST. MACRINA – Kindle edition by St. Gregory of Nyssa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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This was the test of her mettle. As I told my own trouble and all that I had been through, first my exile at the hands of the Emperor Valens on account of the faith, and then the confusion in the Church 51 that summoned me to conflicts and trials, my great sister said With difficulty did we succeed in procuring silence by our gesture, and the precentor taking the lead and intoning the accustomed prayers of the Church, the people composed themselves at last to prayer.

When I approached the retreat in which Macrina led her angelic and heavenly life, first of all I asked one of the servants about my brother, whether he were at home. What human words could make you [A] realise such oof life as this, a life on macria borderline between human and spiritual nature? Therefore let Thy sanctification [B] descend on this my first and this my tenth. But just what was dear and pleasing to God, would be her desire also.

The Life of Macrina, by Gregory Bishop of Nyssa | Monastic Matrix

After passing the stage of infancy, she showed herself apt in acquiring childish 22 accomplishments, and her natural powers were shown in every study to which her parents’ judgment directed her. Perhaps some might even dare to say that the difference was not to their disadvantage.

But I, sick at jyssa though I was owing to the calamity, grregory yet contriving, so far as was possible with what we had, that no suitable [A] accompaniment of such a funeral should be omitted.

The whole thing resembled a mystic procession, and from beginning to end the voices blended in singing psalms, that, for example, that comes in the Hymn of the Three Children.

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But by putting her hands on the floor and leaning over from the pallet as far as she could, she showed the respect [A] due to my rank. And just as we learn in the story of Job that the saint was tormented in every part of his body with discharges owing to the corruption of his wounds, yet did not allow the pain [C] to affect his reasoning power, but in spite of the pains in the body did not relax his activities nor interrupt the lofty sentiments of his discoursesimilarly did I see in the case of this 46 great woman.

But I must divert my tale to its appointed task. For as these two sat by her on each side of 39 the bed, she touched them with her hands, and uttered these prayers to God with her dying words So I called to the sisters with a loud voice Gregory of Nyssa, Vita di s.

Macrina the Younger

Gregory of Nyssa composed a “Dialogue on the Soul and Resurrection” peri psyches kai anastaseosentitled ta Makrinia P. But he was satisfied with fame in his own hand.

In this case it was a woman who provided us with our subject; if indeed she should be styled woman, for I do not know whether it is fitting to designate her by her sex, who so surpassed her sex. His mother was far liff, three days distant from the scene of the tragedy.

But when she had finished the thanksgiving, and her hand brought to her face to make the Sign had signified the end of the prayer, she drew a great deep breath and closed her life and her prayer together. Her illness and death was made known to her brother Gregory in a dream. Macrina was the first ever biography written about a woman. I went to the men’s department, presided over by Peter, your brother; while my wife went to the women’s side and conversed with the saint. Saint Macrina the Younger c.

Basil and his brother St. So the generous youth would go on fishing expeditions, and since he was expert in every form of sport, he provided food to his grateful clients by this means. We are brothers and sisters, in as much as we are children of the same Father, in the Son, through the Holy Spirit.

Having thus freed himself from the din of cares that impedes man’s higher life, with his own hands he looked after some old people who were living in poverty and feebleness, considering it appropriate to his mode of life to make such a work his care. As she spoke she brought the lamp near to the place she was showing me. Biography The Life of St. I had to shout in order to be heard above the noise of the mourners. The basic rule of life was prayer and communal labour. In consequence, her mother 33 was not overwhelmed by the affliction, nor did she behave in any ignoble and womanish way, so as to cry out at the calamity, or tear her dress, or lament over the trouble, or strike up funeral chants with mournful melodies.


Her parents sought to convince her to marry, but she remained steadfast in her conviction. Later, her mother joined them. He took nothing with him but himself, save that one of the servants named Chrysapius followed him, because of the 30 affection he had towards his master and the intention he had formed to lead the same life.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It was the ninth month or a little longer after this disaster, and a synod of bishops was gathered at Antioch, in which we also took part.

She developed them according to the will of her parents, clearly demonstrating a close relationship between mother and daughter, which carried into their shared view of religious life. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

But the band of virgins on the women’s side modestly waited in the church for us to arrive.

The fame of her beauty spread throughout the land and a great number of suitors seeking gregry hand in marriage crowded round her parents. And when a suitable interval had elapsed, we considered it time to depart from the Retreat, and already our preparations were being made for this, but kind protests were raised from both sides equally.