The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal, #1), The Eternal Flame (Orthogonal, #2), The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3), and The Orthogonal Trilogy (Orthogonal #). The Orthogonal Universe gets its name from the trilogy set in it. It’s a universe with a consequences). It’s extensively documented on Greg Egan’s homepage. More details at · share| improve this answer. answered Jul 17 ’16 at Greg Egan.

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As a result, I had been putting off reading this trilogy of fat books which I saw as a kind of concession to commercial concerns pointlessly drawn-out series seem to sell well no matter how ill-suited the form is to science fiction.

Orthogonal, by Greg Egan: a review

Well, instead of effectively expanding a short story and diluting a few good ideas he just came up with more brilliant ones, built a world which wouldn’t have fit a much smaller book and wove in a moving epic story The characters are flat as usual, but you don’t read Egan for his emotional themes, and at least they’re a little bit less flat than usual this time. It egann move with infinite velocity?

Yes, there were pages where I skimmed the intense physics discussions, because vector diagrams just don’t do it for me. Maybe there orthogonxl something there for physics nuts in terms of “How does the universe have to be to support multiple speeds of light?

Part of a greh trilogy, we’re not really sure what’s going to happen.

But Yu’s book focuses on the internal and emotional experience of his everyman character. The second book, The Eternal Flametakes place on a spacecraft which has been launched from the world in order to exploit the fact that, like in our world, speed has an impact on time.


May 27, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: Best book I’ve read this year so far! Suppose the luxagen field has a leftor of Up; its rightor will be the same, because Up divided by Up is Future. Orthogonalthe yet incomplete—rather incompletely published—trilogy under review, is not an exception.

This is a gre reflective book than a lot of steampunk, but it has common elements.

Orthogonal Universe | Greg Egan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Partly as a consequence of this, she gets the opportunity for a more advanced education than might otherwise have been possible – a bit like having an independent income and a room of one’s own. The consequences effect relation between the sexes, the structure of society and everything social. Nov 19, Joey-Joey-Jo-Jo rated it did not like it.

The people in this universe are gerg us” and in some egwn are very strange due to their biology – “being able to fly is like hreg able to know your mother” is one of the simple proverbs that appear in the book – but they are also “us” in many important ways that matter and this is why this book is both a pitch perfect example of how to imagine aliens that are simply not “costume-ones”, but that are similar enough that we understand and care about them All like our vreg world, but not quite.

Note to self- many reviewers say this is Hard core science fiction–very very intense science He’s had no other activity since. For the science enthusiasts, there’s accompanying “lecture notes” on Egan’s website which make for really fun thought experiments.

Unlike with some of Egan’s other works, that’s merely backdrop for much of the book and it seems possible to enjoy it without caring for physics but there are quite a few passages featuring diagrams and devoted to topology, cosmology, thermodynamics, relativistic effects and so forth. This entry was posted in Cultural reviewsCulture. To save their species they take off in a rocket powered mountain.


As you can imagine, this setup leads to interesting consequences in terms of sexual conflict. But you can’t have a space with the topology of a 4-torus that is positively curved everywhere.

And not to speak of the main story with the orthogonal stars, orthoogonal threat to their civilization Ideally, she produces two sets of male and female pairs.

Orthogonal Series by Greg Egan

As a theoretical physicist and the discoverer of her universe’s flavor of relativity, Yalda is at the heart of her species’ efforts to save themselves. This gets to the story’s main weakness: Soon she starts rewriting the physics books by some ingenious experiments, while becoming involved with a group of “liberated” professional females who had learned how to extend their lives and avoid the harsh fate nature destined for them, since even if they do not mate, there is “spontaneous” reproduction and the chances of such increase drastically with age, while the special drug that prevents it, needs to be taken in larger and larger doses The characters are, largely, backgrops against which our orrthogonal operates.

Did Yalda make a mistake by ceding leadership? Let’s work with a stationary luxagen, to keep things simple.