Created grails-app /domain/csv/ | Created src In grails-app/init/ add a couple of domain class instances. outputStream. Should I invoke a flush or a close on the outpustream at the end of the closure? () or rendering/grails-app/services/grails/plugins/rendering/ protected abstract doRender(Map args, Document document, OutputStream.

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I probably came across the same post Object withWriter String charset, Closure closure Creates a writer from this stream, passing it to the given closure. Write a single byte baos. Methods Detail public OutputStream leftShift byte[] value Overloads the leftShift operator to provide an append mechanism to add bytes to a stream.

Writer newWriter Creates a writer for this stream. In text processing formatting data for outputstrfam and reading input line by line are two common chores.

For reference in case others stumble over the same problem, I had to import groovy. A Writer provides several signatures of the.

Proper way to stream file from controller

If I recall correctly, the left shift operator graiks uses some annotation or something clearly I don’t remember details! Chapters detailing some of the more advanced features of Groovy would also come before this one: The method returns null at the end of the stream.


I outputstreaj typed the methods as void perhaps I am still too Java-fussy? Because Java and Groovy allow for the inclusion of specifically formatted comments in their source code, which the JavaDoc and GroovyDoc tools can extract and convert into HTML pages, those documentation pages are the core reference documentation for the class libraries.

ServletOutputStream to make this work. Should I invoke a flush or a close on the outpustream at the end of the closure? Java has supported Unicode from its inception. Methods inherited from class java.

Grails Programmer : How to output CSV from a Grails 3 Controller | Sergio del Amo

A key decision in the design of Groovy was not to reinvent classes that are provided by the JDK Java Delvelopement Kit and are fit for purpose already. What happens is that whenever I access it, Firefox fires up Totem plugin which streams the file from the controller.

Object withStream Closure closure Passes this OutputStream to the closure, ensuring that the stream is closed after the closure returns, regardless of errors. At least the PrintWriter lets us do that directly, unless we want to append instead of ovewrite.

To get that accomplished, we need to wrap again: Before delving into the details some of outputsteam design concepts need to be explained. If that’s the case, copy from stream to stream.


Your email address will not be published. It also provides some buffering, flushing the buffer after each line feed, unless instructed otherwise. Doing that character by character would drag down performance.

ISO outputstrea, also known as Latin I’m glad it was useful to you, and thanks for the additional info for anybody else who needs this!

If the answer is yes, subscribe to Groovy Calamari.

Learn more about retrieving config values. A planned series of tutorials This is the first volume of what may over time turn into a longer series of Groovy tutorials. I wrote a post; in Spanish though.

Streams, Readers and Writers

A stream is a source or destination for a sequence of bytes. Hi all, I have a controller which would stream file as response. Writer newWriter String charset Creates a writer for this stream using the given outputstgeam.