Posts about Gorkamorka terrain written by thenickeninja. feel free to message the Mods with any other ideas for ground rules, otherwise have fun! I am hoping Gorkamorka is on the return list for GW. I am looking for built and unbuilt gorka Morka models in useable/strippable condition. I have a nightmare teddy, a puppet teddy and cash if the.

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In fact, if you’d be interested in writing a short tutorial on it we could post it on tUGS. With the card firmly in place, I started adding pre-mixed filler to the structure, which was then left to dry over night.

If you’ve got a hot wire cutter then they’re probably a bit slower, but with a knife I’d wager they’re about the same. Much the same afew spires dunes and short cliffs for the base table then i like to scatter aroung wreckage and make shift barricades and towers.

On the right is a can of some random stuff I got along with some other stuff. Do you like Free Wargames? Depends how much support structure there is. The central plateau of it is 5.

Protection Finally, safety first hah. We could of course just create whatever shape of buildings we felt like but that could lead to some fairly unbalanced games. What do you think makes for the best battlefield? Personally I have a load of rock spires tutorialthe odd sand dune, and a few other pieces to break up the board. Instead of the mostly flat plain that Gorkamorka is normally played on one instead has alleys, roof tops, and interconnected roof top escape routes. Flamekebab will be showing you how to construct these buildings for very reasonable prices, though little Grotz might need an adult to help them with the cutting of bitz.


I plan on a write-up soon.

Gorkamorka terrain | thenickeninja’s blog

I’ve also been putting together some large pieces of scrap terrain like old ‘Ulk superstructure, towers, etc. I’m now considering making a massive hill with multiple levels to it, which could be fun. The girkamorka stage of construction was to add fine grain sand to the piece, excluding the centre. Yea, that’s on a budget alright.

Try 25ml or 50ml. I tterrain some detailing to the engine itself, although I really wanted to add more. Well, terraon scanning session later and I present it here for all to find.

We terain to dry ours at a very rapid pace but it still took quite a while. Not too smooth, mind you. I’ll take some pics this weekend and put them up. Finally, safety first hah. Back from Istanbul went straight to work so to speak.

Posted 02 February – Very productive I must say. The former is a wide spray that should allow you to quickly cover a vehicle or piece of terrain in a few passes, the latter provides a thin line of paint that can quickly be passed over things.


I use a lot of sand dunes. In the morning a few areas were added to and some PVA glue was added to the empty centre to create an initial layer for adherence.


There we go, finished! Preferably two coats, really.

Personally I prefer my hills painted. That sort of stuff can take a little more doin’ ’cause it requires more material than styrofoam, spackle, and sand. Posted 04 September – Terrrain in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. I figured the plastic itself would be a nightmare to get spackle to stick to, so the first step was to build up some structure to create a skeleton for the polyfilla to build on.