The entire Gopika Geetham is in Indira Vruttam / meter and hence Indira the Goddess of Wealth following the foot steps of the Lord came down. Comprising 19 verses, Gopika Geetham is a part of Bhagavatham. Here the love- song of the gopis, extols the fact that pure love and true devotion are one and. Gopika Geetham. By Kalyani Padmanabhan. • 6 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Gopika Geetham. 2. Gopijanan Ahaldham. 3.

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When they were unsuccessful in their endeavor, they set down on the bank of River Yamuna and started chanting the glories of Krishna. The Gopikas are unable to even spend a few hours without Lord Krishna who has gone to graze their cows and lament about their fate.

At this time, Gopis felt loneliness and could not concentrate on their work and grieved over the absence of Krishna. If the feet of the lord is allowed to wander on its own it will go even to Satyaloka or geefham such places and should be safeguarded as it is the benefactor of all boons sought for by keeping them safely tight to our chest.

Gopika Geetham by Kalyani Padmanabhan on Spotify

We keep your lotus like tender feet, Oh darling, Very tenderly on our very hard breasts, Oh Krishna, With lot of care so that they do not pain, Oh Krishna, But you travel with those tender feet, Oh Krishna, In forests over sharp thorns and stones, oh Krishna, And thinking of the pain those feet would suffer, Oh Krishna, The brain of ours who have given our life to you, Oh Krishna, Gets rattled and worried, Oh Krishna.

Cows which follow your footsteps to Vrinda Van for grazing often get the chance to lick lotus like feet of your and also get sparsha suka by dashing you often from the back and you also stand in such a way as if leaning on them removes their itches cows often get their itches removed by constantly dashing their bodies on stones meant for this purpose chori kambam kept in villages and these cows were most blessed ones as they found YOU as their remover of their itches and YOU were also very happy to oblige hem.

After much searching, they all sat down fatigued and started imitating the different pastimes they had with Krishna. Your sweet ways of talking has been the attraction of the world on hearing which even wisest has been immensely pleased if that is so we the Gopis who have no knowledge and who are most illiterate can as well cherish like the wisest Oh Lord please grant us the sweet lips to us. Gopis encircling Radha Rani and Krishna while all their senses centred around Krishna, the final and lasting meeting.


Newer Post Older Post Home. It is only by the presence of Thee Oh Lord Krishna this holy land has attained name and fame.

Retrieved from ” http: Thwayi gppika Krishana vichinwathe. We thy servants are thy slaves who constantly beg you to give us your Darshan ; a glimpse of thy Lotus like face once again please! Friday, November 11, Gopika Geetham. They loved Lord Krishna with all their heart.

Gopika Geetham

Madhuraya gira, valgu vakhyaya, Budha manognayaa, pushkare kshana, Vidhi kareerima, veera, muhyathi, Radara seedhuna pyayaswa na. Oh the bravest one please shower us the grant of the adharamrutham very soon and bless us. This bhoomi has been blessed by your very birth which has totally destroyed the sorrows of the people here by your captivating smile and incomparable deed of yours; Oh Friend!

All along the Gopis were crying in longevity of their separation from their Lord and having seen they got up as if their life re-entered their geetuam and vibrant with the presence of their beloved they started feeling of him and fell at his feet. If the lord can cure pain of the entire Universe why not we the true lover of thy lotus feet by giving us the much cherished wish of having union with you.

This is called Bhakthi Yoga. Gpoika king thus did sing, the gopis With great desire and wailing voice, In a pretty tone and in several ways, And then they wept out loudly.

When Krishna suddenly disappeared from the company of the gopis, they started searching for him in every place. All day through you were wandering here and there often on thorns and stones and thy delicate — mrudu pallava like feet — is put to untold hardship — the very thought of which puts us in pain. This song also brings out the Sringaara Rasam of Gopis with Krishna. To those who are afraid of this life, Oh Krishna! Guru Maharaj took him to Holy Ganges and asked him to bathe and kept him inside water for few minutes and the disciple started to gasp for breath.

Also I tried to see ur ruchi page but Geeham am not able to view that. One of the most important is to be devoted to God imagining him as your geetyam heart. Oh Lord, storehouse of Grace and Grandeur, accompanier of cow herds and a Dancer on the hood of Snake, such a geetyam lotus like feet are fit to be on the bosoms of our beautiful breasts as they will get the grace of thy feet which had been wandering all day along because of which we are now put to untold suffering and heated us up.


Where the Lord dwells there one can see presence of Goddess Mahalakshmi — though true veetham of Lord were poor outwardly they were rich in goipka mental poise and fragrance. Vrusha mayathmaja Krishana; dwisatha bhaya.

Vanaruhananam bhibrad vopika, Ghanarajaswalam darsayan muhu: Koorpathibhir bramathi dheerbhavadhayusham na. The message of the Gopika Geetham is as under: Gopikx, yoshitha ka sthyajen nishi Hireally thankful to you that u are posting Narayaneeyam slogams. Newer Post Older Post Home. Such should be the true intention and longing expected of a Sadaka or a true devotee. This is to be sung with devotion, in rapt attention and reverence without any Thaala or sounds.

The dance was a perfect tuning of rhythm, body movements and music.

Listen to Gopika Geetham now.

Pranatha dehinam, papa karshanam, Truna charanugam, sree nikethanam, Phani phanarpitham, they padaambujam, Krunu kucheshu na: Till such time you return back in the evening until our eyes are fed with your grace we were only machine like doing work without any involvement and we get back our lives only on seeing you.

Krishnasya mukha lavanya sudhaam nayana bhaajanai: Manasi na smaram veera yachasi. This method does not need great intellectual capability or great stamina to do different yogas or detachment to the achievable results. It is not that one night alone the Rasa was celebrated but all nights that followed. This stanza refers to a Gopi of Thamasic nature who is cursing the Lord for His deed and is openly criticizing him for the same.

Yathe sujatha charanamburuham sthaneshu, Bheetha sanai: Some gopis found the footprints of Krishna and begin to follow them Soon they saw another set of footprints beside the imprints of lotus-feet of Lord Krishna. Krishna danced amidst the gopis.