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Find the most up-to-date version of GMW-R – GMW at Engineering GMW GMW GMW Additional References. EIA/JEDEC JESDAB. © Copyright General Motors Corporation All Rights. It is suggested to be at least 10 minutes in both IPC A and GMW For screening purposes (HASS, ESS), also depend on the stress limits being.

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HASS may continue during normal production for very critical products. Typically created from pneumatic hammers impacting a vibration table to which test samples are attached.

Durability Growth through HALT/HASS and Accelerated Testing – ppt video online download

Make, model and serial number of all test equipment used? A corrective action plan is incorporated following adequate understanding of the failure mode. Locations of product response sensors thermocouples and accelerometers? The first step, HALT, typically results in more robust and quicker to market products. Document these three values for use in making the final calculations in the next section.

A sample of two parts from the production process is evaluated for all three Operating Limit parameters as described in the section on HALT.

8278 same t-score value will be used for each of the three parameters. Xbar is 35 Grms and the sample standard deviation is 5 Grms. The test samples should be uniquely identified by a serial number or other means of identification.

Random Vibration (RS)

Feedback Gwm Policy Feedback. Reduce step size as failure point is reached is appropriate, which allows a fine definition without compromising test duration. The goal of defining 7 7. The screen is too damaging and must be reduced when products fail prior to 10 screening iterations.


Durability Growth through HALT/HASS and Accelerated Testing

These changes could be due to redesign or gms changes. This committee should meet on a regular basis i. These “trends” are defined in most quality control textbooks. Complete functional testing immediately follows the dwell period and may also be performed throughout the step. The letter “T” comes from the mathematician William S.

Engineering decisions need to be made, and justified, regarding the action that will be taken from the HALT results. Registration Forgot your password?

These stresses should include power cycling, and may include intentionally varying the line voltage, line frequency, DC supply voltage, on-board oscillator frequency, output loading, and any others that are applicable. Each discipline shall take responsibility for their area of expertise as HALT result issues arise.

Note the cause of the failure and reduce the 887 of the appropriate failure mechanism temperature or vibration. Statistically significant trends within the control limits should be taken seriously with immediate reaction. This is the thermocouple used for HALT control systems that use a closed loop feedback thermal measurement for chamber temperature control.

It is additionally important that the chamber has sufficient air velocity 828 produce the desired rapid thermal rates of change as measured on the product and to maintain thermal stability.

  IEC 60350 PDF

This mathematical product is referred to as a root mean square.

The modified operational limits have a gmww range to insure that chamber over-shoot does not cause destructive failure. Documentation shall detail the occurrences of sample degradation and the conditions at which they occurred, including the operating and destruct limits of the sample and any other important comments.

The average Xbar and sample standard deviation s of the three values for each parameter should be calculated. Several decision milestones should be considered because the 20 times concept is somewhat arbitrarily chosen. The first half of the screen, involving 828 thermal transitions, is the precipitation portion. This value is a function of the confidence chosen and the degrees of freedom sample size minus 1.

What are your expectations and goals for this testing? These accelerometers should be low mass type e. The following graphic is a generic template of a screen showing the basic pattern of precipitation and detection. Each product that is destined for the HALT process will dictate its own unique set of test values and stress steps.

This slave product 8827 be an actual product that will be screened many times gmmw never sold, or it could be a non-product, located somewhere in the chamber.