After she drops it in a fountain, it will only call one number. and forgo texting for a month if it meant I could have just one more chapter of Gimme a Call. Sarah. Who better to take advice from than your future self? This hilarious novel from the author of Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have), Don’t. Teens who long to fix past mistakes can do so vicariously in Mlynowski’s (the Magic in Manhattan series) farcical fantasy. After retrieving her.

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I had only picked this book up because I was stressed about school and I’ve been going through a lot lately and I just needed to take some stress off my chest, which this book did quite well. Oct 01, Chrissy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also, I’ve always wondered about what I would think of my older self and vice-versa, so seeing something like that in a book was very interesting to me.

And the content made me think about what I would do if I had a chance to counsel my previous self… What would I do differently? One day Devi drops her phone in a fountain and realizes that it will only dial her own number — except, someone answers the phone!

Gimme a Call : Sarah Mlynowski :

Completely lost and miserable things get worse when she drops her phone in the mall fountain. Gmme is a must read! But I enjoyed the writing, and the story, and the concept was executed very well. The more they change, the more they both ask the question: If freshman Devi takes her advice, they can hold on to their friends, get into a good—no, incredible—college, be an extracurricular superstar, and most importantly, spare themselves the heartbreak of Bryan! I couldn’t really relate to anything in this situation.


Sarah was mlynowskk in Montreal, Canada. I also adored the message of this book. The book is perfectly paced with fun adventure and constant laughs. Maybe then she wouldn’t be in so much pain right now.

There are two main characters, but they’re actually the same girl.

Gimme A Call by Sarah Mlynowski by Cailey Steffens on Prezi

See 2 questions about Gimme a Call…. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Why not save the world while saving her own future, right? Now with a connection to her past self, Devi plans her future – getting into the perfect college, keeping her friends, and most important of all: I will admit that, in the beginning, I did not like this book.

Ten Things We Did was one of my favorite books last year, so I was really anxious to read another book by her. Then, she’ll get freshman Devi to spend more time with her friends to ensure that senior Devi isn’t spending sarag last days of high school alone.

One thing that I thought was very well-done by Ms Mlynowski is that she managed to not reveal to the readers and younger Devi the cause of the break-up for the majority of the book.

Devi, as a freshman, is skeptical when she receives her first phone call from Devi, as a senior. It would make a fantastic teen movie! I thought both the younger and older Devi were likable characters: What was important when she was 14 was suddenly something she could do without when she was After that she started to change stuff for other people like her friend changing a sport so she will not be anirox.

Now Devi What a really cute story!

Apr 27, Pages Young Adult Buy. Will Deb be able to save herself from heartbreak, friendlessness, and her future at the lowest tier college srah Apr 20, Arlene rated it really liked it Recommended to Arlene by: What would you tell yourself?


It did not disappoint.

If you are looking for a fun, quick read that makes you wonder what you would tell your younger self to make mlynowskj in your life different, this definitely is a good pick for you. I love, love, love this concept. It was a great read, and had a light, perky feeling to the plot. Devi spent so much time with him and neglected her friends and her school work. Since then, Sarah has written four additional novels for adults: The one phone call is from herself in the past when she was fourteen.

Gimme a Call

And I think that the overall problem Devi was facing, getting caught up with their other half and as a result, letting their friendships fade, doesn’t only happen when you’re in high gimje, but also when you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s Whether a book is happy or sad, a light read or a more intense one, all of these books still have their meanings.

Is it better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all? This book was Funny, light and very entertaining.

This book made gime think about living in the present, always doing things to benefit me now and not necessarily later. That’s all about to change. You can visit her online at sarahm. At age fourteen, three years ago!