Readers around the world are embracing the message of Talent is Overrated. Business leaders, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students, coaches of many . The book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin is a book I recommend to everyone who wants to get better at something – whether that’s a lot. Excellent.”—The Wall Street Journal Since its publication ten years ago, businesspeople, investors, doctors, parents, students, athletes.

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This is great news to me. And I think this book explains why Chinese-Americans are, generally speaking, doing much better than their American contemporaries: Aug 11, Alex rated it liked it.

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated

I would have also liked a bit of discussion on how these hours of practice and focus might help non-world-class performers of which there are far more but that would have made taleng book twice oberrated long and not as good. And not just plain old hard work, like your grandmother might have advocated, but a very specific kind of work. This is great news This book was extremely inspiring for me.

He shows that the skills of business: Winning at something isn’t the This book is overrated. The author cites luminaries mainly from sports and music–Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Yo-Yo Ma, Mozart–but his goal as a writer from Fortune magazine is to encourage business people to embrace the deliberate practice model. Colvin points out that many people spend years For those of you who want to become better writers the few pages on how Benjamin Franklin became a better writer are a potential gold mine.

Colvin admits that the severe demands of true, deliberate practice are so painful that only a few people master it, but he also argues that you can benefit from understanding the nature of great performance. I highly recommend this book to you, it will open your mind to new ideas and give you understanding of the worlds highest achievers throughout history. They are both better written than this one not that this one is not competently done and much more engaging.


Here are some of the best parts: Why are some people — Warren Buffett, Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Rock — so incredibly accomplished at what they do, while overratex of others in those same fields never rise above mediocrity?

I highly recommend this book to you, it will open your mind to new Amazing book, after you read it, any limiting beliefs you have about innate abilities as an excuse not to putting in the required effort will disappear from your mind. The thesis of the book is essentially to prove the saying that “perfect practice makes perfect” and he builds on Malcolm Gladwell’s idea in “Outliers” that you need 10, hours of practice to become an expert at anything.

Better performance, and maybe even world-class performance, is closer than you think. For example, when hobbyist golfers practice, they’ll go to the driving range and hit their standard balls.

If you know you need to improve but have no idea how or what might help you are going to tend to give up. Also, the author never seems to have any understanding or empathy at all for the majority of human beings, who normally get into comfortable daily patterns and dont give a crap about constant learning and achieving excellence.

Much of this work is solitary, and physically and mentally taxing. He argues that exceptional performance is achieved by deliberate practice – practice which forces one outside of their comfort zone. Neither of them was born with innate talent.

Nov 25, Mario Tomic rated it it was amazing. Dec 04, Mark Fallon rated it it was amazing. View all 9 comments.


This book is really motivating to read, overrqted reveals the correct mindsets on how to achieve mastery in a certain field and become a high performer.

Few books have inspired to change my actions immediately.

Talent Is Overrated

Pete Maravich whose college basketball record still stands after more than 30 years would go to the gym when it opened in the morning and shoot basketballs until it closed at night. But chess was the main thing — hours and hours of it every day.

He lectures widely and is the regular lead moderator for the Fortune Global Forum.

Colvin asks us to replace the idea that people are born gifted with the idea that anyone who’s willing to put in the time can do wonders. Geoff Colvin goes on to describe how businesses can apply the concept of deliberate practice towards creating future industry leaders. And it will make your teaching more effective — probably by an exponential factor.

Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin | : Books

What these performers do have in common is–surprise! It renewed my drive to make the most out of the limited practice time I have by focusing relentlessly on my squeaky wheels I have a lot of them and setting specific, attainable goals for myself, not just a general aim of “getting better,” which is too vague and open-ended to get my butt in the practice chair with overrsted kind of determination.

That being said, this book leaves several threads hanging: And the Author begins Talent Is Overrated by introducing the question of where great performance or expertise comes from.