Now that the Axis Institute for World Domination has been blown up; the founder, Dr. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English (who enrolled Cadel in the. Readers who loved Evil Genius will find this sequel as gripping, devilish and wonderfully dark as its predecessor. What made that first book so. Will Genius Squad be the answer to all Cadel’s prayers? Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea.

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The characters were lovable and Jinos couldn’t wait for the next book. Apr 07, Eliose rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The story wrapped up pretty cleanly with Cadel moving in with Saul and Fiona and usually I have a problem with that kind of sickly sweet Kodak moment, but in this case I thought it was completely appropriate.

Genius Squad – Catherine Jinks – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

It doesn’t wreck the book by any means, but it deflates the creative oomph of the concept a little bit. But why can’t he bring himself to tell Saul what the group is really up to? Jun 04, Tamora Pierce rated it really liked it Shelves: And the ending was just. I’m mentally composing my tell-off letter as I read.


And while I loved Sonja in the first book, it seems that in the second she was a hindrance to the plot moving on. While Saul and Fiona initially object, they relent after a particularly heated confrontation with “Mace”. At the beginning, he’s living a mostly restricted life. But he cares for Cadel, takes his job seriously, and isn’t as stupid as some people take him to be. But nobody seems to want Cadel. All the solutions seemed more trite, all the characters more annoying.

And we first meet him living in a foster home. Because the ability to become attached to people was something that you had to exercise at an early age, hinks you didn’t want to lose it altogether.

For anyone interested in reading these books I have two recommendations: Our hero, Cadel Piggott, was so far removed from the human race, so cold, so calculating, so mean-spirited, so outside-it-all, so without conscience that it made it hard for me to like him. Catherin concepts, for example the technology and other related topics, were hard to understand. Trotzdem tat dies meinem Lesegenuss keinen Abbruch.

A really good thing in this case. Another one is the reunion scene when Saul finally finds Cadel locked inside somewhere that Propser had hidden him.

I liked how he became so attached to Cadel and always felt frustrated at Fiona for doubting his motivations but then secretly admitting to Cadel that he appreciated how she was so dedicated to ensuring Cadel’s well being. Bored out of his mind, Cadel is approached by an opportunity that seems too good ninks be real: Where did she go?


This article needs additional citations for verification. However, with Chester sitting in an American Jail. The first book had a number of flaws, but was intriguing enough to pull me through and make me curious about the sequel.

Catherine Jinks ยป Genius Squad

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I really liked it. Prosper is every bit as cunning and conniving and it is a marvel to see how he had planned everything all along!

Tja und dann Saul. The book lags in almost everything!

Genius Squad

Cadel has been in limbo since the destruction of the Axis Institute. But Cadel thinks the ends will justify the means.

In she married Peter Dockrill, a Canadian journalist; in she and her husband left Australia for a brief spell in Nova Scotia, where she began to write full time.

His skills in computers is amazing, and he might even prove the a fake gene mapping company is cheating clients out of their money. Read at your own risk. It really seemed made up, and badly.