Gendercide and genocide Beyond ‘Gendercide’: Incorporating Gender into Comparative Genocide Studies · C. Carpenter. The International. In the first chapter of his edited volume Gendercide and Genocide, Adam Jones asserts that “gendercide,” in a global-historical perspective, “is a frequently and. Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender. The term is related to the Gendercide shares similarities with the term ‘genocide’ in inflicting mass murders; however, gendercide targets solely one gender, being men or.

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Afterwards the women buried the men. But on the other hand, the mass dispatch to labour camps of prisoners of war returned from Nazi hands in must have led to an extra, and non-military, death rate among the younger males.

Politico-military frameworks have historically inflicted militant-governed divisions between femicide, and androcide; gender-selective policies increase violence on gendered populations due to their socioeconomic significance. Forgot your login information? In India, male children are preferred because the parents are looking for heirs who will take care of them in their old age. In [at the time of field research] it was for this reason that women still did so much of the heavier work in the fields, so I was told by the slightly apologetic Montenegrin “male chauvinists,” who viewed this as a once-necessary custom formed in an earlier era.

The film Matrubhoomi: Hyperlinks in the text are to Gendercide Watch case studies or, occasionally, outside sources. Many women died as a result of the war and the purges. Though still in its early stages, the work, now buttressed by institutions like the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studieshas produced a flourishing case-study literature that has added inestimably to our understanding of mass killing throughout history.

By the time they got to Meja they had collected as many as men. First, by shooting primarily teenage and adult Jewish males, they would be able to acclimate themselves to mass executions without the shock of killing women, young children, and the infirm.

Among all there were only 28 daughters to sons. We saw them beating the men. Farben and the SS were planning as a joint venture.

Now all authorities agree that the Purge struck in the main at people “between thirty and fifty-five”; “generally, arrested people are all thirty or over. We here have, frozen into the census figures, a striking indication of the magnitude of the losses inflicted in the Purge. Two important caveats should be attached to this brief discussion of the Jewish holocaust.


Accordingly, Warren “suggest[s] that an action, law or policy should be regarded as genocidal if 1 it results in an absolute or relative reduction in the number of persons of a particular racial or cultural group; and 2 the means whereby this result is brought about gendercice morally objectionable for independent reasons — e.

But “gendercide” is a sex-neutral term, in that the victims may be either male or female. Thus, although the element of “gendercide” in the Armenian holocaust is important to an understanding of the Turks’ genocidal strategy, it is far less significant in describing or explaining the broader exterminationist impulse towards ethnic Armenians.

The honor killing and self-immolation condoned or tolerated by the Kurdish administration in Iraqi Kurdistan has been labeled as “gendercide” by Mojab They were given only scraps of food; if they fell sick, they were left where they had fallen.

Soviet prisoners numbering 10, who were to build the huge Birkenau camp forPOWs, had been brought to Auschwitz in October Sexuality, Subjectivity … gendercife Political Economy?


The victim generally selected for early tests of poison gas was the male Soviet prisoner-of-war. Sifting such figures today is like sifting the ruins of an Auschwitz crematorium. I hold, nonetheless, that an inclusive understanding of gendercide carries powerful implications for the emerging field of comparative genocide studies. Is it legitimate to yendercide males as a target of genocide and “gendercide,” when the perpetrators are themselves overwhelmingly male?

One refugee who returned said he was locked in a prison that held about men. Please contact the gendercdie for permission to reproduce or distribute this article. The ritual is enacted with great frequency the world over, although it is not always explicit in the above examples. Other examples can be found closer to the heart of feminist scholarship and activism. The last survivors often staggered into Aleppo naked; every gendrrcide of their clothing had been torn from them on the way.

The decision to turn these POWs into Himmler’s slaves also resulted from the basic decision to brush gebocide international law in the war against the Soviet Union.


SAGE Reference – Gender, Genocide and Gendercide

Feminism and Pornography Chapter Gendercide shares similarities with the term ‘genocide’ in inflicting mass murders; however, gendercide targets solely one gender, being men or women. Email Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. I refer to the mass liquidation by Nazi forces of Soviet POWs captured or rounded up behind the lines in the first year or so of Operation Barbarossa.

The term also calls attention to the fact that gender roles have often had lethal consequences, and that these are in important respects analogous to the lethal consequences of racial, religious, and class prejudice. Thus, their normal daily activities could continue. Others were taken for use as human shields or as forced labour. Daniel Goldhagen gives a figure of ” 2. Even when they clung to the men, trying to save them, they were hardly ever attacked the way men were.

Rape Prison rape Statutory Male rape Sexual violence. Huttenbach contended that this “is an error because empirically neither homosexuals nor women under Hitler were the targets of genocide.

Other terms, such as “gynocide” and “femicide,” have been used to refer to the wrongful killing of girls and women. Furthermore, the “challenge” and “threat” to “the dominant group” captures something of the competitive and belligerent character of intra-male politics, the principal challenge of which has always been to suppress perceived male rivals or competitors.

Sometimes it is appropriate to speak of certain actions as genocidal atrocities, even though many members of the victimized race or culture survive. These historical and sociological questions have barely been hinted at, let alone coherently framed, in any mainstream discourse; and there is no space or specialist’s competence to explore them here. Between October 31 and November 4, more than 2, men were murdered in different parts of Delhi, according to several careful unofficial estimates.