GELITA-SPON® STANDARD is suitable for general use in all types of surgery. GELITA TUFT-IT® is the worlds first gelatin-based fibrillar for controlled. GELITA-CEL® STANDARD is available in several sizes to accommodate the.

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It stops bleeding effectively, ensures a high patient comfort and adapts optimally to any wound surface.

It can also be used alongside electrocauterization. Ready to use dry, straight out of the package with an immediate fluid absorption it is up to three times faster than other conventional hemostats. The patented gelatin fibrillar combines the positive characteristics of a gelatin-based hemostat with the easy and convenient handling of a non-woven material.

This guarantees the most efficient use of material to achieve hemostasis. It is capable of satisfying a wide range of applications like middle ear surgery, thyroidectomy, mastoidectomy, ethmoidectomy and tonsillectomy. It can be applied in just the right amount to achieve optimal results with a minimal use of product owing to its layered non-woven structure.


It does not need to be moistened first and is thus immediately applicable. The material keeps its flexible consistency without a memory effect, does not stick to gloves or instruments and does not clump.

This ensures easy handling and repositioning on the wound as needed. Application of a thin layer allows monitoring of the bleeding site as a result of the translucency of the material.

It helps surgeons to stop capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding effectively when conventional methods are ineffective or impractical.

Thus it is an ideal carrier for drugs.

GELITA MEDICAL GmbH participated at the ICRAN | GELITA

It stops bleeding effectively, ensures a high patient comfort and is pH-neutral. Available in several sizes to accommodate the most efficient usage for individual procedures, it can be easily cut to size.

It does not stick to gloves or instruments. The required amount of powder naturally sticks to the bleeding surface, and excess powder is simply rinsed off.



It is used wet for best performance and adapts well to the bleeding site. It induces hemostasis in less than one minute after application and is capable of being applied on a wide range of applications and clinically validated in liver, thyroid, cardiac, vascular and ENT-surgeries. Different consistencies and grades of viscosity can be achieved by varying the powder-to-fluid ratio for optimum use on irregular structures, such as bone, and for filling yelita cavity or fissure as required.

It can be used in hard to reach areas as well as on capillary and parenchymatous bleeding due to its No-Touch-Technique application. To stop heavier bleeding in surgical procedures can be a significant challenge.