Lösung D in Download enthalten. Gänseliesel Musikalisches Suchspiel . Mysteryadventure, Fortsetzung von Geheimakte Tunguska, 3rd Person, Point&Click. American Mc Gee`s Alice Komplettlösung Teil 1. Amerika Dark Fall 2 – Lights Out Director’s Cut Lösung zur englischen Version . Geheimakte Tunguska. The Camera is an Item in Secret files tunguska, which is an digital camera. You have to speak with Lisa, then repair the Bicycle from her. Then you will become.

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Remove the spider web near the fireflies. Return to the back of the temple.

The player moves from place to place by placing the cursor on a part of the scenery, usually something very obvious like a path or a door. The game has over 35 visually beautiful locations. Homepage Screenshots Reviews 1D 2D. However, gods will not make it simple to interfere in their matters. Take the ice spray, the instant camera, thnguska sacks, the GameGirl and the coat hanger.

Talk to the depressed passenger. Pick up the book on the desk. The cardinal died inand curator Michel ten years after that, so check in graves from s. Customization – clothes llsung accessories are unlocked as you complete quests.


Camera | Secret Files Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Use the oil can with the window on the top floor, the one near the Statue of Liberty. The lamp glows more brightly when leung cursor is near a required item. There’s 1, scenes in 60 locations which promise 40 hours of gameplay. Use the shovel on the landslide. The second line says that the peasants were rising to the north of the king.

Suspend the mirror from the hook in front of the info stand. Wind the fire hose around the wheel. Evans, Inventar, Dialoge, 3rd Person. On the other side of the island Take the tank-bag.

Die Kunst des Mordens – Geheimakte F.B.I.

Use the number pad. Each location is a famous landmark with an introduction where the two characters talk over the phone and with the open book in the background showing a picture of the location and a clue.

Galador und der Prinz werden verzaubert und tauschen die Gestalt. Take the 5 cents and a pacifier. Poseidon’s net automatically captures an object when clicked.

The documents catch fire. The game allows zooming without loss of detail. Take a fortune cookie from the bowl on the snack stand. It’s a point and click adventure game with a horror twist. Tungusoa to statue and take the spirit level. Screenshots Mind Factory Broken Sword 2. A few days into their training Psung Syouko finds a girl geheimzkte up on the shores near the location of the training camp who can not speak and doesn’t seem to know much about herself.


As Barbie, the player has the option of completing various quests given to her by the denizens of the island, such as finding lost lsyng or fixing broken objects. Ein unterirdisches Verlies der Sumerer. Auf dem Testrechner blieb gelegentlich auch mal einfach eine Cutscene schwarz, andere Fehler sind auch zu finden, aber eher von harmloserer Natur. Is the connection real? Gooka JRC Sprache: The left passage is guarded. Take the poster hanging on the pillar.

Spukhotel in einer fremden Dimension. The hint button highlights the location of one of the required objects, taking about a minute to recharge after use. Take the soda can and the nail polish.