LOGIQ E9 with XDclear. Make every day extraordinary. GE imagination at work healthymagination Elastography for abdominal and superficial examinations. LOGIQ E9 . specifications and features shown herein, or discontinue the product. The all-new LOGIQ E9 architecture is built on real-time calculations. It uses . in the GE Healthcare volume ultrasound experience. specifications, so you. Product description The LOGIQ™ E9 is GE’s leadership ultrasound imaging system designed for abdominal, General specifications.

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The enhanced bandwidth of the XDclear Processing Engine applies advanced imaging algorithms to create excellent images across all modes and applications. LOGIQ E9 knows the next step of a scan and helps users get there like no other ultrasound system can.

GE LOGIQ E9 | Ultrasound System | Davis Medical – Davis Medical Electronics

Ergonomic Design Exceptional mobility for use anywhere in the practice. Scan Assistant Set protocols to streamline workflow. My Bench Order History Sign out. Learn More Learn More.

Introducing the new

Forums Documents Parts Videos News. In combination with enhancements to the XDclear Display, the image visualization landscape is more than 1.

This sophisticated technology empowers users with the agility to do more with an ultrasound system than ever before in superficial and abdominal applications.


Volume Navigation helps to increase diagnostic confidence by combining multi-modality imaging with any ultrasound mode, including Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound and CFM.

Productivity Nrochure Save time on high-volume exams. Diagnostic Confidence Superb Imaging Built with many of the innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE ultrasound systems, providing the ability to image both very superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration. New General Imaging ultrasound system is well suited for a variety of clinical applications. Designed by users, Scan Assistant enables users to take more control over the important elements of an rbochure by doing the little things for users.

On the official site I saw many shear wave elastography images taken with the linear probe! I go to utility, then upload, but how do I upload the scan assist? You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings. Leave the limitations of Doppler behind. On the other hand, if I press the same button while using the linear probe ML it says that the elastography mode is not available with that probe.

Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. This site uses cookies. Advanced features like Phase-Inversion Harmonics and Speckle-Reduction Imaging to help enhance spatial and contrast resolution for outstanding image clarity.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. Scan Assistant does things that an ultrasound system has never done before, including automatically steering color Doppler and setting up imaging controls and modes for users. Built with many of the innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE ultrasound systems, providing the ability to image both very superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration. You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities By continuing to browse brochre site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


CD MHz Convex.

SD MHz Sector. The result is our highest level of imaging performance yet — a leap forward you have to see to believe. GE Logiq E9 Removal Now users can truly concentrate less on keystrokes and more on patient care. Play this video from an external website.

Add to My Bench. At RSNAGE Healthcare will be showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of ultrasound products for use across a broad range of patient exam types.

Innovative real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing techniques that enhance tissue and border definition. Display in Community Feed.