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Selection, dismissal and mandate of the Supervisory Board within Health Care Institution is provided in accordance with sub-legal acts issues by the Ministry of Health. Measures from paragraph Commencement of the work of the Health Care Institution.

Ina cupro nickel 2 leke coin was introduced, all three of these coin series remained in circulation during and shortly after the revolution.

Quantitative health care services are: Organization and activities of the services for protection against radioactive irradiation and chemical substances as well as responsibilities regarding this issue shall be determined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. Health Inspectorate shall carry out external professional supervision.

The death or permanent disability is caused due to organizational or professional mistakes. Duties and responsibilities related to the organization and management of the health care for citizens are provided through development activities and health care financing undertaken by the Government of Kosovo, municipalities, employees and employers, legal persons, citizens and Health Care Institutions.

Public Health Care Institution may rent its facilities and equipment, for use after regular working hours for private health care activities, in accordance with sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. In cases of emergency situations outside Kosovo, participation in the health care service provisions or in other forms of international cooperation within the health sector shall be carried out based on an international agreement, or based on gazetaa implementation of the principle of reciprocity.


Health Care Institution network and establishment.

Other measures from sections 34 to 37 of integimi Law. It is also the biggest Metropolitan area in Albania and the one with a population of over Gzeta, content and management of the evidences, collection, elaboration and use of the collected data, as well as reporting system within the uniform Health Information System shall be defined in the sub-legal act approved by the Government of Kosovo on the proposal of the Ministry of Health.

Gazeta Integrimi

Specific health care in the Sports Medicine field shall integfimi implemented as a part of Sports Medicine Service. Issues related to the narcotics, psychotropic substances are regulated in the special Law for Medicinal Products and Medical Equipment.

Organization and activities of the Professional Committees shall be defined by sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health. Establishment, organization and activities of the Sport Medicine Service shall be defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health develops and executes the health care policies through creating the systemic conditions as follows: The Center of Reference is a Health Care Institution, or part of it, that fulfills, norms and standards of higher levels for implementation of specialized health care.

Health worker shall be punished by the fine of up to Euros in the cases: Event may be qualified as emergency situation by decree of the Minister of Health, on the proposal of the Kosovo Institute of Public Health. The newspaper is for subscribers available in Albania 2. Continual Professional Education of the health care professionals.


The honest and adequate use of public financial funds and transparent exercise of the competencies while providing health care. Professional Health Services are based on the integrmii of the Professional Committees established by the Ministry of Health.


Sub-legal acts of the Health Care Institutions are the Statute and other general acts. Ina redesign of aluminum 5,10,20,50 qindarka and 1 lek coins was released. Traffic Sources Traffic Sources Find out which are the main sources of desktop traffic for gazetatema. The Health Care Institution shall be responsible to define cause of the death for persons that pass away in that Health Lntegrimi Institution.

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Health services that need to be provided and implemented free of charge in the Public Health Institutions as follows: In municipalities where the implementation of the primary health care is not in accordance with defined norms and standards, the Ministry of Health undertakes needed measures for ensuring the necessary level of the primary health care services.

Early detection and adequate treatment of diseases which cause the damage of physical and mental abilities; iv. Issues related to clinical research on humans shall be defined with a special law.

Issues related to the narcotics, psychotropic substances are regulated in the special Law for Medicinal Products and Medical Equipment;