The Futaba GY Gyro was considered by most to be the best all round RC Helicopter gyro on the market FUTABA GY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. HKB is a gyro with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for more prominent to use digital servo, It’s recommended that you use futaba Browse Futaba GY Gyro withSmm Technology owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your.

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The manuxl DIP switch is set such that movement of the nose of the model to the left counter clockwise causes the gyro to supply a right tail rotor command to the servo.

Once you get the link as free from resistance as you can. Do the same for ‘GEAR’. With transmitter and receiver turned on, watch the red LED on the gyro after the gyro initializes. Set the DIP switch on the gyro for digital servo, assuming the or is installed.

FUTABA GY401 Instruction Manual

Use care here; small increases can make large changes pirouette rate. Machine gyro sensor virtually eliminates rudder trim changes. When the DS switch is set to the ON position, the rudder servo is driven by.


This servo boasts a speed of 0. When using servos that are not compatible with high-speed. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.


Wait 4 seconds for the gyro to initialize. If it’s not, turn the link clockwise to move it toward the back or counter clockwise to move it forward. This gyro initializes fast, only about 3 or 4 seconds. When flying in the AVCS mode, set the rudder trim manul the same position. The drive motor generates strong electromagnetic noise. Remember the gyro has to start up in HH Heading Hold mode.

Again, watch the LED to confirm which mode the gyro is in before making adjustments. No gyro will perform correctly if the model manal vibrating or the engine is incorrectly tuned. Angular Vector Control System gyro developed for model.

Quick Start Guide for the GY401

Before we continue it helps to understand the characteristics of this gyro. With the GY there is very little reason to use standard rate mode. Pay special attention to the safety at the parts of this manual that are indicated fugaba the following marks. When you want to.

Gyro performance largely depends on the servo used.

Futaba GY Gyro How-to

This is necessary to securely fasten the gyro to the. Gyro operation direction switch, DS mode switch, Control delay. I did this so as to stop the resistance the rod had on the front frame guide due to being pulled down to the servo.


To get the two Futaba connectors into your Spektrum receiver you will have to trim the flat piece that sticks out on the side. On ggyro helicopters, a servo wheel with ball joint mounting radius of That leaves two other connectors, one with 3 wires and the other with 1 wire.

Therefore, for the AVCS function to. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Make certain left and right inputs are checked, because many helicopters have asymmetrical tail rotor pitch change mechanisms.

It is said that copying someone or something is the highest form of flattery; guess that is why there was a cheap GY clone hitting the market almost every month back then. Tail wags only right after a pirouette, or anytime I manua, the tail then stop. Therefore, loose supporter and tail pipe.