Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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Even Bart Ehrman, a textual critic of a less generous bent, though he has only found a few dozen corruptions – which he was able to identify because original readings were still preserved!

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Beyond that Zindler misses a quite obvious twelve for Jesus to model on, not the zodiac, but as scholars agree was the basis, the twelve tribes of Israel, which may also explain why the Qumran community of Jews also included a selection of twelve special officers. I don’t have the words to express my contempt for Jeff Lowder, whose zinvler comment about Frank Zindler, a giant of a man, was that he’s one of the worst atheist debaters.

Now we move into the footnotes. It also makes use of numerology. He sees much in NT imitation of OT models.

Frank R. Zindler (Biographical Information)

The results of our study are obvious. Such groups would only settle in unmixed towns, that is towns without Gentile inhabitants. From the death of Moses until Artaxerxes Per Metzger, NT works cited or alluded to – in actuality and in probability – franl Apostolic Fathers are:. Lincoln biographers copied and transvalued this event by having Lincoln killed on the Good Friday holiday, just prior to Easter.


It stands to reason, of course, that no book could be canonized unless the church used it! He rejected the authenticity of 1 Timothy, and was the founder of the Encratites, a group that rejected marriage, meat, and wine – the latter of which is recommended for stomach disorder in 1 Timothy! The problem with this sort of reasoning is evident. Zindler is pointing the fault arrow in the wrong direction to begin with.

As we have said elsewhere, Christ-mythicism is a thesis of ease, and of explaining away evidence by any stretch possible. Stephen, or the vast majority of the characters that people the gospels and the rest of the writings preserved in the New Testament. Here are some words of wisdom we can apply: How far some of these books were accorded a degree of authority in certain Jewish circles cannot now be accurately determined.

It also happens that the assassins frakn more than their intended targets. The student of the history of Jesus is, from the point of view of textual criticism, on vastly safer ground than the student of the life of Julius Caesar or indeed of any other figure of ancient history. You will not find such despair among secular textual critics with far, far less evidence, nor from Metzger, nor from the Alands, or even from Ehrman who is the most favored to suggesting changes in the text.

They perceived wrongly that it emphasized works over faith, which hit Luther right in his gut, because he was intimately concerned with faith being the only way to salvation – which it is, as a proper reading of James reveals see below. Gospel According to the Hebrews.

He was a wealthy shipowner, and manifestly quite intelligent. There were miscellaneous works that had their own unique histories. Further Fictions from the New Testament” In the extended article named above hereafter referred to by the acronym Z12American Atheists denizen Frank Zindler goes to further lengths to provides examples of his Biblical miseducation, and once again, at reader request, we provide comment.


Frank Zindler – Conservapedia

Epistles were the fewest made, “for clearly, it was more difficult to produce an epistle that possessed some semblance of authority than it was to draw up a narrative of events in which Jesus and various Apostles franj as heroes. Zindler’s thesis is full of conveniences, an invention of history wholesale to explain away history.

Zindler tries to de-exist the Apostles further: Kennedy rode in a vehicle called a Lincoln, manufactured by Ford. Ironic loss of protection. Again, however, we have no specific catalog of rfank to work with, nor even a number of books.

Zindler names none, footnotes none, and until he does, as far as we are concerned, “some scholars” means “no one. The Pauline letters, Acts, and Revelation are accepted as divine Scripture. Textual critics Westcott and Hort asserted that the parts of the NT “still subject to doubt can hardly amount to more than a thousandth part” of the NT – which would be less than a third of a page.

At about the same time, though no titles are given, the Book of Jubilees indicates that there are 22 accepted books.