Karl Marx: A Life [Francis Wheen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliant book, by a superb author, about a necessary man. Francis Wheen’s biography of Marx, from which this is extracted, even the most devoted follower of Karl Marx will recognise the merit of Francis’s study. Karl Marx has ratings and 85 reviews. Ahmad said: Karl Marx, Francis Wheenتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم مارس سال میلادیعنوان: کارل مارکس؛ نویسنده.

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Neither of these diminish the book far from it but one does feel that a little editorial discipline and consistency would have made it a better read. View all 16 comments. The writer Diana Johnstone also complained about references to her in the interview. One of them was the new biography of Marx that had recently come out.

It was only Marx’s desire to keep up bourgeoise appearances that meant he was permanent spending more than he could afford including, hilariously, for a period, a preening, libidinous and incompetent private secretary, and only because he thought it appropriate for a man of his position to have one.

Marx may have said that philosophers have interpreted the world, but “the point is to change it”, yet Wheen remarks: Retrieved 8 March Here is one view on Marx and his influence: Sep 13, Debraj Bhattacharya rated it it was amazing.

But I wonder whether presenting the thinker as a godless Job afflicted with boils and a taste for liquor is quite the best way to do the job.

Guardian review: Karl Marx by Francis Wheen | Books | The Guardian

It was early spring and the sun was shining, so we hoped to take the day and make the most of it. The second is that this is more a critique of Marx’s life and rather personalised at that, with occasional ad-hominem pops at both Marx’s contemporaries and other Marx biographers than a straight up-and-down biography.


He writes for Private Eye and is the magazine’s deputy editor. Deirdre McCloskey, a hardcore neoliberal and therefore the furthest thing imaginable from a Marxist calls him the greatest social critic of the nineteenth century.

What is the secular cult of the Jew? Both the way Wheen treats his subject and his writing style make this a very interesting and enjoyable book, whether the reader is interested in Marxism kzrl not. Jun 14, Meirav Rath rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Still, it depends whose prose one is talking about.

Nov 25, Rgauthie rated it it was ok. I knew before I picked it up that this was about Marx the person, rather than about his intellectual output.

Marx himself also wrote a lot, some of which has only been published relatively recently. He is rough and shabby; but laconic in style and composure.

A Human Being

Don’t expect a critical engagement with Marxist theory or anything like that. He could round up the fracis, get anything he wanted passed when he was running, say, the International Working Men’s Association.

Wheen goes against the grain by showing how Marx correctly predicted the major events of the 20th Century. It’s virtually all based on personal correspondence, presented in chronological order, so it feels like a timeline of Marx’s mars strung together in an artlessly dry narrative.

Nov 11, Nigeyb rated it really liked it.


Karl Marx by Francis Wheen

The book is well written, light to read and enjoyable. Jul 26, Revanth Ukkalam rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are advantages in watching the process of a Marx revived again and again according to the perceptions of social pundits: Paperbackpages. We therefore recognise in Judaism the presence of a universal and contemporary anti-social element whose historical evolution — eagerly nurtured by the Jews in its harmful aspects — has arrived at its present peak, a peak at which it will inevitably disintegrate.

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Francis Wheen

Highly recommended to everyone though. Marx here comes by as a sectarian asshole alienating almost all his comrades all the time, as being mostly dirt poor, but also as being unable on giving up on bourgeois conveniences private secretary, marl etc that fitted a man of his caste and therefore leading his family to unnecessarily suffer from lack of foodas a loving housefather that becomes a real softy at old age, as one that jokes together with Engels about nigger jews, of him supposedly impregnating the maid, as a serious binge-drinker, and how he narx and falls in infamy several times wjeen his life.

Marxist thought and the Modernist tradition converge for Berman, as both try to grasp and confront the modern experience: