Francesco Carotta, – The spreading of these texts is free, except for commercial purposes. SUMMARY. The question is: IS JESUS DIVUS JULIUS?. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Too many. Jesus Was Caesar by Francesco Carotta, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Jesus Was Caesar : On the Julian Origin of Christianity, An Investigative Report

Some of the more poetic coincidences and to Carotta’s credit, he only mentions these as an afterthought include Jesus’ birth exactly years after Caesar’s, Jesus’ death exactly one easter-cycle after the introduction of the Julian calender done by CaesarCaesar’s arrival in Egypt tripping and falling on the beach, stretching out his arms and saying “I’ve got you, Africa” as a pope’s visit prototype, Caesar’s arrival in Rome, once, where he climbed the stairs of the Capitol on his knees after his chariot broke down right in front of it as a prototype for many pilgrimages.

But as is, it’s a pretty silly idea. This message has been edited by Aquitaine, May Carotta’s hypothesis is intriguing. Tadas Talaikis rated it it was amazing Nov 08, They killed the man the same who had defeated them repeatedly in battle but who, when he had direct power of life and death over them, had forgiven them! Message 11 of 33 Book ratings by Goodreads. Carotta first published his theory in the book War Jesus Caesar?


Don’t pay any mind to the naysayers, the “true believers” in the artificially created religion who deny the truth that could set them free. Later generations produced more discrete traditions like the Gospel of Johnthe Acts of the Apostlesand the Book of Revelation.

In spite of the similarities and parallels, I just can’t make the pieces of the puzzle fit as he does. James Mackay marked it as crancesco Jun 03, On the one hand, an actual historical figure missing his cult; on the other, a cult missing its actual historical figure.

Jesus was Caesar

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The stormy seas caeswr are crossed by Caesar and Jesus also act as borders: His funeral aroused great emotion, and caused the murderers to flee.

Message 5 of 33 Chat room empty Newest Member: Divus Iulius into Greek, resulting in the early gospel, is more understandable when you realize that whoever did these original translations were not very familiar with Latin, and were very unschooled in Greek. Is Jesus Christ really the historical manifestation of Divus Julius? Caesar crosses the Rubicon and sets-off a civil war and long-story-shortdefeats the forces of Pompey and the optimates.

Francesco Carotta – Wikipedia

The resemblance of the names is astonishing too: Carotta lives in Kirchzarten near Freiburg. Besides the trivial parallels, such as initials JCdate of death the Ides, the 15th, of March and year of birth years apartthe oddity that the highest seat of Christianity is in Rome, Caesar becoming Pontifex Maximus in 63BC, a title which was passed on, through the Roman emperors, to the popes, the first churches being erected at Caesar proclaimed God by his peers and Augustus by extension the son of God temples with the most prominent one, of course, in Romethe parallels are in fact much stronger and deeper.


The Optimates, while Caesar was in Gaul, had been jerry-rigging legal matters in order to outflank Ceaser politically. Message 8 of 33 3: Carptta were uneducated people attempting to translate documents when they had only a very poor knowledge of not only the languages used, but also of the subject matter itself. Tira rated it really liked it Aug 06, This message is carohta reply to: Privacy policy About CassWiki Disclaimers.

Message 10 of 33 Looking for beautiful books? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Message 3 of 33 It won’t be my task to convince you of the likelihood of Carotta’s theory, but here are few interesting tidbits. Of course, it went completely bonkers when I first found Carotta’s website and read about his idea!

Along with this book, you will want to read also Gary Courtney’s Et tu, Judas? The TRUE story It’s all very well to describe these points as trivia but they are the main evidence offered here. One Claudius stands out: So, it would need only begin with the crossing of the Rubicon During a lecture and in a subsequent article Carotta presented an extension of his theory, which interprets the Gospel as a diegetic transposition see above.