FR E520 3.7K PDF

FR-EK to K(C). FR-EK to K(C) ○Removal. (For the FR- EK to K, FR-ESK to K, FR-EW-. K to K). FR-E FR-EKND to KND. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. OUTLINE Economy, Trade and Industry) in September, applies to the K and less. : USED MITSUBISHI FR-EK-NA,FR-PA INVERTER, 5hp, v,BOXYB: Everything Else.

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Corrective action Reduce the load weight. Output Terminal Function Selection pr. Terminal SD is common to the contact input signals. Don’t show me this message again. Inverter Motor R L Page f520 – Multi-speed operation Pr. Push either 1 or 2 in the direction of arrows and pull the wiring cover downward to remove.

PU or external operation can be selected by pressing the keys of the operation panel or parameter unit. At this time, Description all external contact inputs switch off. Corrective action Eliminate the cause of the error preceding this error indication. Terminals SD and 5 are not isolated. Bianca Born 1 week ago I’ve had nothing but positive… I’ve had nothing but positive experience working ft EU Automation. The external frequency setting signal and PU’s forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop keys are not tr.

Page Page – Applied motor Pr. Those of the V class are isolated. To change the external operation mode Pr.


Check for sudden load change. Terminal FM provides the pulse output. Set value “0” factory setting. Page – 5.

Do not run the inverter with the front cover or wiring cover removed. To ensure that the motor is protected not to be influenced by line-to-line leakage currents, we recommend the protection method which uses a temperature sensor to directly detect motor temperature.

Output to indicate that the process value Upper limit output signal exceeded the upper limit value. Capacitor Life Alarm pr.


Single-phase V power input! Though the inverter is designed to be insusceptible to noise, it handles low-level signals, so it requires the following basic measures to be taken.

Page – Regenerative brake duty Pr. By pressing the key at this point without M O D E resetting the inverter, the display shows the output frequency.


Set 3.7kk according to the operation specifications, load, etc. The following table lists the cables and crimping terminals used with the inputs R LST L and outputs U, V, W of the inverter and the torques for tightening the screws: Not provided for the FR-E We’ll keep trying to send your enquiry if you stay on the page. To release the e250 from the power supply when the inverter protective function is activated or the drive becomes faulty e.

For more information, please visit our dedicated payments page. Since their values depend on the static capacitance, carrier frequency, etc. When you need to change the cooling fan, contact the nearest Mitsubishi FA Center. If the cause is still unknown, it is recommended to initialize the parameters return to factory settingsre-set the required parameter values, and check again.


Parameters except in the wiring examples. The charging area and control printed board are exposed on the rear surface of the operation panel. Reinstallation For the FR-E Set “98” in any of Pr. Frequency At 5v 10v Input pr. Stall Prevention And Current Restriction pr.


Page Page Page Page – General-purpose magnetic flux vector con These common terminals must not be earthed grounded to the ground. Thanks for your message. Using the connection cable for operation 1 Remove the operation panel. Otherwise nearby electronic equipment may be affected.

Computer Link Operation pr. Prepare required instruments and parts according to the operation mode. When “Operation not continued for OL signal output” is selected using Pr. More Types of operation modes PU operation mode External operation mode Power factor improving reactor. Output frequency Parameter Factory Setting Output Frequency Range pr. Reverse Rotation Prevention Selection pr.