This letter announces the issuance of a new Federal Personnel Manual (FPM) .. (See FPM supplement , subchapter 24, for information on when an. In § , paragraph (b)(3) is amended by removing “FPM Supplement 31” and by adding “the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping” in. It should be used as a guide and a supplement to, but not a (1) FPM Supplement –33, The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions.

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Federal personnel manual system

Classification principles and procedures apply equally to full-time and part-time positions. You may have already requested this item. Some agency agreements have included a statement that an effort would be made to convert on-call employees to regular year- round employment within a specified periode.

For example, seasonal employees work in parks and forests, Internal Revenue Service and passport offices, and other organizations where the work is characterized by seasonal fluctua- tions. Agencies should avoid double counting of the same employee as a separation. The employee would also be eligible for retirement, health benefits and life insurance coverage, if not otherwise excluded see FPM supplements, and This means that movement from a seasonal to a nonseasonal position is not subject to competition unless required by the procedures in chapter governing promotion and internal placement.

This means that an employee who is appointed or converted to a part-time permanent position after April 7,is covered by the Act and must have a regularly scheduled tour of duty of no less than 16 hours a week and no more than 32 hours a week, except as noted in section A layoff under part or part may be appealed to the Merit Systems Protection Board under the provisions of these chapters and the Board’s regulations. See FPM chapter for information on term and temporary employment and subchapter 4 of this chapter for information on intermittent employment.


Please enter your name. Employees under temporary or term appointments may also work on an intermittent basis. Attachment to FPM Letter 5 Your rating has been recorded.

Attachment to FPM Letter 16 c. This may be accomplished by including a review of part-time employment as part of internal personnel management evaluations. While the intent of Congress in passing the Act was to increase the opportunities available to those who require or prefer part-time employment, there is no specific prohibi- tion against an individual’s holding two part-time positions either in the same or different agencies.

Federal personnel manual system

An appointment may be made from any appropriate source, including transfer, reinstatement, reemployment priority list, or a competitive register estab- lished by 0PM or the agency under delegated examining authority.

The E-mail Address es field is required. To minimize the adverse impact of seasonal layoffs, an agency should, where feasible, make an effort to assign seasonal employees to other work within the agency during the projected layoff period. By definition, intermittent employment is anployment without a regularly scheduled spuplement of ssupplement. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Release and Recall Procedures Part-time employees are also covered by agency grievance procedures or negotiated grievance procedures, if appli- cable.


Please footnote 269-33 rts. L Fdfl N neManual System a, ii: A program must include: When released from competitive level, a part-time employee can compete only for other part-time jobs.

The guide to processing personnel actions. (Continually updated resource, ) []

Include employees after competition with others for the same posft iftf3 U through a civil service register or under civil service recruiti. Movement from a part-time to a full-time position is not subject to competition unless required by the procedures in chapter governing promotion and internal placement.

Reduction-in-force procedures do not apply to the release of an on-call employee to nonpay status or recall to pay status in accordance with preestablished conditions of employment. Promotion, reassignment or transfer to another part-time position has no effect on the exemption but an agency may require the employee to work on a dif- ferent schedule of fewer hours when the employee moves to a different posi- tion.

Include employees in position occupied codes 2 31, or 4 regardless of Tenure i. Subject to the limitation in 5 U. A part-time employee who works on an “in lieu of” holiday shall be paid straight time for hours worked.