The FPGEC Application Bulletin provides valuable information on applying for FPGEC Certification and should be used as the primary source of information to. More information is available in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin. Prior to the release of your FPGEE score, all scores are carefully validated. FPGEE. Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination®. ®. Candidate Application Bulletin. Please read the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

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Accessing e-Profile What information do I need to verify an existing e-Profile or create a new one?

FPGEC Certification Timeline | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Responses to your questions on the above topics may take up to three weeks. What if I only want a. I submitted a licensure transfer application prior to April 2, How can I correct it when applying for license transfer? For your convenience, the following guidelines provide an indication of how long each step of the certification process may take to complete.

There are no exceptions to this. This identification card is required on fptee day of the exam. What if I want to change my test date? Once you submit your application, you are still required to send the following documentation via postal mail to NABP:.

You can request that the issuing body send the official, appropriately sealed documentation directly to the FPGEC, or you can request that the issuing body send them to you so that you can forward them to the FPGEC.


Where do I check my examination scores? How do I print my CPE transcripts?

FPGEC Certification Timeline

If fpgde eligibility period will expire before the December FPGEE, it will be extended until immediately after the December exam to accommodate those who could not take the October exam due to the recent system issues. How do I find my e-Profile ID? What if I have a change to my VPP application? Application Status How do I check the status of my licensure transfer application? This will give you time to complete check-in procedures. I am an accredited ACPE provider.

All communications submitted via fax, mail, or private courier service must be personally signed by you, the applicant. Do I need to be accredited fpge keep my fpge number?

It is also intended for those who become accepted before November 19, Find answers to your frequently asked questions or chat live fpggee a customer service representative. I received an error message when I submitted my payment information. What can I expect during the VPP uniform inspection?

What if I forgot my Username? When you get to the payment section, the amount due will be zero. How do I contact Educational Credential Evaluators? Buloetin do I contact Customer Service? Where do I send my additional supporting documentation? General Why do I need to notify you of my name change?

Who do I contact if I experience technical difficulties? How often are VAWD facilities resurveyed?

Candidates who did not pass the October 2 exam or who scheduled an appointment but did not show up for the exam, may not take the December 3 test and must wait until April to take the next FPGEE examination.


Can I register a. Who regulates pharmacy websites? There bulleti be no refund of your testing fee. The Bulletin includes the following:. Some states, for example, exempt graduates of Canadian pharmacy schools from this requirement. How long will it take for my VPP application to be processed? When you create your e-Profile account you must enter your information exactly as you did when you first applied to FPGEC.

What if my VDIP accredited business entity changes owners? What entities may apply for VDIP accreditation? Editing Profile Information What if I forgot or need to change my password?

Do I need to request the same or a similar. Additional Evaluation Approximately Six Weeks If you receive an evaluation status bullwtin that your supporting documentation does not meet FPGEC requirements, you have three months to address the issues noted.

How long will it take for my CPE activity to appear in my e-Profile? If your application does not meet requirements, you will be notified and will be asked to correct those deficiencies. Emails received from an email not found fgee your e-Profile will not be answered, in order to keep your personal information secure and confidential. General Will I lose my license once the transfer process is complete?