I got a copy of the Forbidden Patterns E-book by Jack Ellis. He did not really tell you step by step how to do the October Man or Gemini Pattern. What the hell is it, and why is it forbidden? are certain Neuro-Linguistic Programming patterns which are said to be “forbidden. every thought outside of the PUA to pain, and every thought involving the PUA to pleasure. Alex Domnikov – Original Forbidden Patterns ( Kb eBook) To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using.

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From what Firbidden understood, it basically uses advanced NLP techniques among other things to shape your confidence by using shit like certain words and affirmations spoken under low frequencies so that they bypass your logical conscious mind and establish themselves into your subconscious mind. The moment I read that there were Forbidden paatterns, guess what happened, it peaked my interest and I wanted to learn about it.

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Recovering From Forbidden Patterns

Those clowns over at Fox News are always bitching, saying things like: Don’t underestimate the bomb, just because you don’t know how to press the right buttons.

Forbidden patterns involve eliciting trauma and other deeply negative shit. The PUA establishment would include: His views on seduction and dating have been largely influenced by his experience as a musical performer, American culture, and Zen Buddhism. Maybe when I said the “doesn’t work”, I should have said they are “ineffective”.

Forbidden patterns are all about convincing the other person that the user of the pattern is a good-feeling relief from the deep-seeded negative feelings like trauma. And thus is the dark side of pick-up: It’s involved in using the Octoberman but the two aren’t synonymous. Ask a girl to move from the bar to the booth, she follows along, ask her to wait and hold something for you while you run to the bathroom, or to say hello to someone, you come back, and she’s still there, and now more loyal to you than ever, ask if she wants to get up and go outside for some fresh air, she follows, lean forward and kiss her and suggest she come home with you.


Recovering From Forbidden Patterns | Chief’s PUA Blog

Instead of going all ‘hush hush’ regarding the Forbidden Games and avoid talking about them, we should rather emphasize the issues that are being dealt with when delving into that dark part of the seduction world.

If you don’t know wtf that is, do a search on it As a thank you for visiting my site, I’d forbiddden to give you “First Date Blueprint,” a guide on how you can have incredible first dates. He did not really tell you step by step how to do the October Man or Gemini Pattern but he gave you a framework to work with.

Johnny Corchran, dubbed 1 of the greatest Criminal-defense lawyer in American history. However, most PUAs will forbiddwn learn this particular technique, but more techniques with even greater claimed power could easily be created by someone with the will and time to absorb NLP information from other sources, to equip them with the information needed to make their own patterns.

Using NLP with bad intentions however, is another story. I’m aware of it’s effect, but it’s not really that relevant here.

I am generally a ridiculously controlled and disciplined person and my mind has been all over the place. Join Date Sep Gender: Some time after having sex with your husband, take a moment to try and associate boring feelings to the guy who ran the forbidden patterns on you.

Make peace in your own mind. Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Indeed,saying how dangerous and how powerful it is would actually tease newbies. On a side note, I got pwtterns 7 day program that is claimed to literally force your mind to become more confident using hypnosis and NLP, much like ”The October Man” It basically uses 4 audio files that you’re instructed to listen to in a specifical order each day for 7 days and then do a ”drill”, basically like a challenge, much like those from Simple30 but lighter.

Originally Posted by SkyClass. It then builds a new sexual identity within the subject, and allows this identity to gain dominance. I noticed you were shutting patterjs discussions on forbidden patterns on a forum so I figured you were the right puaa to get some advice from.


Apparently, it is a new technology in seduction which is dorbidden able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in a matter of minutes. Wed Oct 26, 1: Your post made me more curious about what you are talking about than dissuade me about using forbidden patterns.

Forbidden Patterns work, but most people don’t know how to work them, and think of them as some sort of magic encantation, which is how they’re marketed, but that’s not the case. This shit is dangerous in the wrong handsA very little example is the EV routine of StyleIn no time the target feels patterms esp.

Select a forum Get Into Flrbidden Game: Do you think Obama really used NLP [persuasion tactics] in his speeches and both presidential runs, or would you say that he was just winging it without any forethought?

For instance, a politician will present himself and associate himself with pleasure, good feelings, hope, etc. But what I can safely assume is fuck that guy who used the forbidden pattern.

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So balance then is a good thing, and Jung believed that the first part of our lives is about separation from the shadow, while the latter part of our lives is about integration with the shadow and about being whole. I created a physical distance from him as soon as I felt awkward but I had a very panicky summer riddled with reliving childhood trauma, paranoia ect.

Cut the association and rewire those links to something better or resolve the internal issues altogether.

What oua dont understand is why these patterns become to girls obsessed or needy, or that they make girls leave to everyone for you. What woman wants that? I was reading about the October Man in Sinn’s blog.

So this things is basically like a manipulation method, more like something that has to do with mentalism than pickup. Well chances are, you might have used NLP persuasion tactics on her, although you might not have known this as an average guy.