I’ve read through the footsies handbook on quite a few times now and it’s definitely improved my game as well as helping. Posts about Footsies Handbook written by muttonhead. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook — Introduction/Foreword The ebook you’re reading now is the result of a lot of effort by Maj of to compile.

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Go all out or don’t even bother.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook

Therefore the last missing piece of the strategic puzzle is misdirection — or as some players call it, randomness. Become familiar with all of these safe setups, because as long as your method of attack requires huge risks to counter, you’ll remain footaies charge of the match.

After all, not everyone is interested in turning SF into an online university. They can offer much more specific and detailed info to help you skip further ahead. Because deep down, everyone loves theory fighter. Comments 24 Trackbacks 8 Leave a comment Trackback. If you’re really advanced, you can take the hit with an airborne hop then pass right through the super.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 1 A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that footsies is something you whip up on hanxbook fly. Bait your opponent into committing a slow attack and jump over them as it whiffs. However, you have to resist the urge to constantly move backward during this process, because your choices become quite a bit tougher once you end up in the corner.


There’s no unwritten law restricting pokes to normal moves. Since you’re probably not hit-confirming the combo here, make sure to finish with a move that leaves you safe if blocked.

Meta Register Log in. With physical attacks, effective range and vulnerable range are approximately equal.

LK is the next best choice — especially if that character’s s. So you hzndbook to learn how to play fighting games… Teemosaur. One hopkick by itself won’t cost you the match, but feeling pressured might. Force yourself to try something new every round.

Wow, thank you sir! Here’s what everyone needs to do yet nearly nobody does: Hopefully you got a chance to practice some of the lessons covered in the previous installment and found a place for them in your gameplan.

Zoning means acquiring and maintaining certain positions on the screen favorable to your character’s arsenal foottsies disadvantageous and restrictive to your opponent.

MK pokes while they’re fishing to land a super move. If you get swept, that means you were outsmarted. You won’t believe how often this tricks opponents into walking hsndbook into your low fierces. Hopkicks are a good offensive foundation because they automatically avoid low attacks, they’re too quick to counter on reaction, and they travel forward so it’s difficult to make them whiff.

Hopefully stating it in those terms reveals the massive risk inherent in jumping.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook – Free Download PDF

MK to coincide with Dhalsim’s recovery from j. If they’re extremely patient, then you’ll need to taunt them by walking forward for quite a while. To compensate, projectiles possess one exceptional property: Fireballs are what transform Shotos from mediocre poking characters into mid-range powerhouses.


Would this guide be useful for games like guilty gear and tekken too? Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 7 — Always be on the lookout for minor tricks which can help make you a little tougher to beat. Worse yet, what if none of this seems appealing to you? Then as soon as you get the feeling they’re about to advance or let foosties guard down, step forward and poke their toes with a low medium kick. We need your help!

Especially with the more “technical” games such hanebook SF4 and CvS2, lots of players hang out on random fighting game forums and read every article they can get their hands on. You must be logged in to post a comment.

If they try to keep you away by pushing a button, you can make it whiff and sweep them, then set up a wakeup game. However, the confusing part of accepting footsied advice is that jumping can be secretly good in special instances — when set up properly. At the beginning of a match, everyone tries to stay out of crossup range or to refrain from using slow attacks at that distance. If you catch your opponent’s tech attempt whiffing, respond with a damaging combo.