Flashman and the Angel of the Lord: From the Flashman Papers, | George MacDonald Fraser | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret. “A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the.

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Sticking like a train to it’s historical tracks there is less “fiction” within the papers than normal. Jeb Stuart conducts the final parley, knowing Flashman to be working for Messervy. See 1 question about Flashman and the Angel of rlashman Lord…. But when her husband turns out to be a high court judge, a change of continents is called for, as Flashman sets off to America again.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord by George MacDonald Fraser

And it turns out that this is the qngel of the three great coincidences that power this story, as adverted to by Flashy when hhe how ill this adventures fits in with the rest of his career. That however, does not diminish in anyway the joy of reading another Flashman lordd adventure. I did feel like one of the female characters’ story lines was tied up and written out almost as an afterthought. Flashman seems to be ensnared rather easily every step of the way to Harper’s Ferry, and that doesn’t seem like him at all.

May 09, Walt O’Hara rated it liked it. This is though, in some way offset by Fraser’s obvious passion for America and its peoples, who are described with great affection and humour.

The end has Flashman trying to work his way home again, but again sidetracked by a ‘tasty wench’. Again, much of the history is spot on even learned a few things I intend to look up and verifybut this one felt just a little bit forced, and Flashy a bit out of character. He is his usual self again, bawdy, cowardly, ready to run in a moment, bumbling his way into the great events that always have a knack of happening around him.

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days Ane will my order arrive? However, Fraser was sufficiently fascinated by John Brown, and the match that lit the fuse, to drag his character halfway round the world, and leave him having to go nearly halfway back to get back on track.


Flashman and the Angel of the Lord

As always, there is much more than just a funny romp when reading Flashman. First out of the blocks is the Underground Railroad, and its frail, ageing but no less fanatical leader, Mr Crixus. Flashman and the Angel of the Lord. He proceeds to South Africa, where by a chance meeting he reunites with John Charity Flasmhan whom he had worked for as a slaver in Flash for Freedom!

After so many books, it is beginning to grate that there has been no character development. Maybe I am getting a touch tired of the format? Review quote ‘Flashman is lorv wonderful creation, by a master storyteller.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Also this is quite a long book for a single event. Oh yes, there’s still those moments of totally insane and ribald humour as our poor hero falls from one frying pan into another – quite often as a result of his own inability to control his lustful character but, and here’s the meat of the matter, this is a very Now I’m sure you all know that I love the Flashman Series and consider George MacDonald Fraser to be our equivalent of Dumas so it’ll come as no surprise to find that I really enjoyed this book.

Lord Paget, husband of Fanny, brought an unsuccessful suit against Cardigan for adultery in Decemberwhich presumably makes the two escapades contemporaneous. He is a racist, an imperialist, a bigot, sexist, bully, liar, thief, killer, once a rapist, a slaver, and Victorian and his vocabulary reflects this. You want to be free, surely? Besides, it was in-stock as a loaner in the local library system. It comes as no surprise that a man of his forceful personality should have risen in society in the past near-decade, nor that he still harbours a modicum of resentment towards Flashy.

As you can guess, things go haywire. Spring was last seen, in the first half of the Seventh Packet, face down in the blancmange, being shanghaied towards South Africa. Some argue that Flashman is too nice in this instalment which I think is unfair, he’s only a swine when he can get away with it or if the opportunity arises.


It is the tenth of the Flashman novels. It could have been the links to previous adventures – where Flashman meets up with previous people from his former American adventures The attack here by John Brown could have been hailed as the start of the American Civil War.

And anyway, the Kuklos will have agents watching absolutely everywhere. The story is classic Flashman. As usual, there are the incredible strokes of bad luck, which usually involve a woman, that leads him halfway round the world to his new mis adventure.

I’ve found out that I find Flashman’s adventures in the East more interesting then those in the West, probably becauce I know less about it. All the usual stuff is there. Not my favorite in the series, but still enjoyable. He does though highlight the hypocrisy of his age, and maybe a little of our own too. Views Read Edit View history. Which is where the third coincidence comes in, because the idea of Comber being Flashman is preposterous, even after Flashy tells most of the story of how he got here.

There is also mention of an abdominal wound inflicted by a Turkish knitting needle, which is otherwise referenced, and was probably inflicted by a bedmate rather than in any more formal action.

Who would expect him to do this via the East Coast of America? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This must be a record. It’s like a pulp spy novel married to an in-depth re-telling of John Brown’s attack on Harper’s Ferry. This is one of those times that we really understand that we are seeing these historical figures through the eyes of George MacDonald Fraser, and that Flashman is merely a filter.

Flashman joins Brown, and helps plan the attack on the town, but tries his best to prevent JB from attacking. Flashman and the Angel of the Lord fits in between the Fifth and Eighth Packets, taking our man Harry from the end of the Indian Mutiny to a precarious position less than six months before his presence in Hong Kong, waiting to return home.