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Nutrition and Menu Planning 8.

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Mess Management Specialist 2. This quota is filled by the most qualified candidates competing for advancement. Promulgation of general logistic policies, plans, and orders for support of the fleet and shore activities of the area Establishment of standards of logistics and logistic readiness Dissemination of information to subor- dinate commanders relative to operational logistic plans or projects haul Conducting the integrated logistics over- To assist in carrying out the logistic respon- sibilities, each fleet commander in chief has a pro- fessional advisor for supply and transportation matters, the fleet supply officer.

This misunderstanding involves the taking of required courses, especially in the first 2 years of college. When several eggs are to be stirred, mixed, or beaten together, each egg should be broken into a small bowl so that it can be examined before it is placed in the large container. Candidates should seek challenging assignments, increased respon- sibilities, and demanding and taxing leadership positions.

Sales Sales functions include the operation of the retail sales outlets, such as ship’s store, clothing store, soda fountain, and vending machines; maintaining related records; and the cleanliness and upkeep of assigned spaces.

However, you should organize these standards into topic headings logistics support or financial control, for example to facilitate your learning process.


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Submitting the menu to the mess president for approval. No minimum performance mark average is required for E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates. It presents timely and important profes- sional articles on all areas of supply.

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Senior chiefs and master chiefs are exempted from PAR as there are other means of selection for advancement to these paygrades. Never order food you know the patrons do not like, even though you have storage space for unlimited quantities.

However, if cash sales or other cash transactions are made through these service activities or if material intended for ultimate cash sale is stored in them, they must be treated as group III spaces for key security purposes.

The per- son who feels that leadership is all glory with little responsibility will be greatly surprised when the realization that the glamor and prestige attached to the job as leader are outweighed by the worries, the work, and the responsibilities Leadership requires hard work and often little material reward may be forthcoming.

Their main function is to render assistance and give advice in the proper operation of messes. Topic headings can be developed from previous examination tear-off and profile sheets.

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Normally, specified divisions provide foodservice attendants for the CPO mess. The custodian of the space must do the following: General messes are established to provide Navy personnel with wholesome, nutritious, well- balanced meals by the proper preparation and service of food items. Aboard submarines, because fjche unique space limitations and the necessity trchnique stowing material in widely separated small spaces, it is not feasible to keep all supply spaces locked.

In the main, however, college-level courses are the usual type of off-duty courses taken by Navy members. It presents “The Pipeline” column in each issue. A competent, successful supervisor often gets more out of a brief, casual visit than another less competent super- visor would get from standing around for long periods of time watching the people at work.


Some overseas billets are classified as shore duty. Others are somewhat slower; therefore, you should be more patient. What do you know about your workers’ per- sonalities and work habits that will enable you to help them do the best job they can do?

All members of the fichee are eligible to be elected treasurer except officers who are charged with ficche or disbursement of public funds. The commanding officer appoints the caterer except in those cases where the treasurer performs the functions of both the treasurer and caterer.

Barbershop g Tailor shop h. There is no tuition charge, pro- vided the courses are satisfactorily completed, although tehnique will be required to purchase textbooks and possibly pay a registration fee. Refrig- erated spaces are usually the responsibility of a Mess Management Specialist.

Check through the index. What do I already know about this? Keys and locks are grouped into four cate- gories according to the spaces they fivhe. The leading Mess Management Specialist is responsible for the efficient operation of the bakeshop. Take care that vegetables are not overcooked. Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fraction.


The mess treasurer pro- vides these personnel the same menu given to mess members. Navy Supply Corps Newsletter The Newsletter is a bimonthly publication that is distributed to all senior chiefs and above per- sonnel in techjique Supply Corps This professional supply Newsletter is an important informational source for three reasons: These two publications should be included on every technqiue reading list.

These errors are as much the responsibility of the candidate as the command.