You are thinking about owning this one of a kind Priceless Uber-Rare White Fender George Fullerton. This Hand Made Fender custom Shop collectible. ’49 Snakehead Esquire Prototype 1 Tribute light relic I did not build this one. I was planning my own Snakehead project ever since I saw the Fender Custom. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks Nocaster to Telecaster is the most pleasing of the Fender range- but.

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After Gretsch informs Fender about their trademark the Broadcaster name is no longer used by Fender.

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If you are looking for a snakehead guitar like this I recommend contacting GuitarsByDesign. Shortly into production, Leo added the truss rod to the necks with an adjustment at the heal due to pressure from his sales team led by Don Randall and renamed the guitar the Broadcaster. I don’t snakeheae one pickup guitars. Fender introduces the Mustang guitar.

Custom Built Snakehead Guitar | ChasingGuitars

Jun 18, Very much in the spirit of the original Fender prototype. WoollymonsterMay 23, White tolex comes to the Twin amp and Fender Reverb Unit comes to market. Now, we want things perfect. There’s sure a lot of worse places for no rod necks to reside. Apparently, Leo Fender decided it would be too time consuming to make and went with the solid body instead. May 23, 8.


Note that GuitarsByDesign and other makers offer Snakehead necks that do have a truss rod. Discussion in ‘ Telecaster Discussion Forum ‘ started by nicobeMar 2, May 23, 5. I wish it had an f-hole for design balance.

If I was to build up a tele, it would be a snakehead just like your pic. The french curve head is so iconic, I think you have to do something to make it less conspicious, or plan on a history lesson every time folks look nonplussed.

Seemed to fit what I had in mind perfectly at a very reasonable price. Log in or Sign up. Mar 3, My Dad would rather eat gravel for breakfast than turn on the HVAC, while my girlfriend wants everything on full blast “so she can breathe”.

Clear natural definitely an option. Ash also has a nice grain pattern that looks quite good under transparent nitro finishes of the day.

Leo wanted a guitar that was easy to mass produce as well as repair.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing?? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Do you already have an account? JupiterMar 3, Yes, my password is: Second Prototype — Broadcaster Model. Steve HoltMar 2, Fender prototype 2 is in the Experience Museum in Seattle. May 23, snaakehead.

Fender introduces the Jazzmaster guitar. Your name or email address: These Fenfer were routed for two pickups. Probably only 50 were made. Only problem is they don’t have a pine one don’t know why I’d want pine, but at least a maple capped neck would be cool. SnaleheadJul 18, Originally prototype 2 was finished in white enamel paint like prototype 1.


The interesting thing was that the single pickup Esquire was quite versatile and many players preferred the more simple guitar.

The Snakehead Telecaster

So I bought it. I’m “tooling” up to offer a version in both a one and a two pup version Funny how times change… Fred Gretsch owns Gretsch today and Fender has a deal to market and distribute the Gretsch brand. May 23, 4. I’m looking at the Fender reissue Snakeheads but I just noticed that they have no truss rod??? I also like my action pretty low. What do you think? When I bought it, I planned on a barn caster. I now really appreciate the beauty of how for follows function aspect of the instrument exceptthe relatively hard edge along the top of the body, no tummy cut or elbow relief The snake head looks like a prototype from preproduction stages of development imho and that is of course to be expected when designing the Turquoise Edsel of electric guitars.