In this article, I will share Top 40 keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro and I’ve categorized them to make these easier to find. In this article, I want to show how to create, modify and delete custom keyboard shortcuts in Apple Final Cut Pro X. NOTE: Here are two other. There are over menu options in Final Cut Pro X; and hundreds of keyboard shortcuts. However, not every menu choice has a shortcut and.

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To create a shortcut, find the command to which you want to assign, or modify, a shortcut in the Command list at the bottom. Go to next edit Go to previous edit Go to next marker Go to prev. Large Filmstrips Control-Option-4 Display timeline clips with large audio waveforms and small filmstrips Clip Appearance: Range Selector r The Range Selector allows you to select a range that spans a portion of a clip or multiple clips.

Is it possible to alter the right click commands in fcpx. Move playhead to previous or next keyframe.

Now, you can use them, too. Set the range selection to match the boundaries of the clip below the skimmer or playhead. Depending on the clip name setting, display timeline clips with clip names, role names, or active angle names only.

If you want to see just those shortcuts associated with effects, for example, click the Effects text in the left panel. Drag the text from the Command list at the bottom center and drop it on the key you want to use for the shortcut.

The Position Tool overrides the magnetic timeline and allows you to grab fpx and move them around within gaps. Keyboard shortcuts are all about speed.


Show or hide the Video Animation editor for the selected timeline clips. October 15, at 9: November 13, at 6: Show or hide the Background Tasks window. Move the playhead and the selection to the previous topmost shortfuts clip in the same role. Make the timeline active. However, not every menu choice has a shortcut and not all shortcuts are directly tied to menu choices.

FCP X: Keyboard Shortcut Secrets | Larry Jordan

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address leyboard not be published. The Timeline Index shows you a list of all of the material—clips, markers, keywords, to-do items, etc. There are well over menu options in FCP X, with hundreds of keyboard shortcuts.

Make the event viewer active. June 11, at 5: Turning off audio skimming allows the playhead to navigate through the Timeline soundlessly. Add to the menu here?

Go to the next item in the browser or the next edit point in the timeline. Press L once to go forwards in real time. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses.

The Keyword Editor allows you to access and add keywords for your clips. Shows or Hides Audio Animation for selected clip s to allow you to keyframe audio. Switch to the previous angle in the multicam clip. Create a new Keyword Collection. To create multiple shortcuts for the same menu, select the menu, then type the keys you want to assign to it.

Zooming In and Out will incrementally increase or decrease the zoom factor.

Create a new Smart Collection. Above are the top useful shortcuts that Kryboard used most when editing videos in Final Cut.

The Delete key removes selected items if the timeline is active instead of the browser. To see all the shortcuts assigned to a specific key, select the key and look at the Key Detail list in the lower left. This displays the Command Editor. An Insert Edit will insert the selected clip at the location of the skimmer or playhead. Search for and select the menu option to which you want to add a keyboard shortcut.

  ICE 2B265 PDF

12 Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Editing Speed

October 16, at 8: Anything I can do to help me edit faster is a good thing; and nothing says “speed” like keyboard shortcuts. Inserts a gap clip into the Primary Storyline. The Background Tasks window is where you can check the status of background renders, imports, analyses, transcodes, etc.

Connect to Primary Storyline q The Connect to Primary Storyline command will connect the selected clip to the primary storyline above or below at the location of the skimmer or playhead. Make sure the correct modifier keys are selected at the top, then DRAG the command on top of the letter to which you want to assign it. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. Make the Distort tool active and display onscreen controls for the selected clip or the topmost clip under the playhead.

Raise or lower the volume of all selected clips by 1 dB. But using “Top 40” in the title seemed so much sexier than “Top You can choose whether to edit video only or audio only into the Timeline at the location of the skimmer or playhead. Create a storyline from a selection of connected clips. Hold Shift-H Reset the selection to play forward at normal percent speed Retime: