[Schisandraceae + Trimeniaceae]: flowers <3 cm across; pollen other than mono[ ana]sulcate; infra-stylar extra-gynoecial compitum/pollen tube. PDF | A population ofSchisandra glabra (Schisandraceae) found in the Schisandra glabra es la Ășnica especie de la familia presente en el. A population of Schisandra glabra(Schisandraceae) found in the cloud forest of Schisandra glabra es la Ășnica especie de la familia presente en el continente.

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Mexico, Greater Antilles map: Table S2 have been suggested. Then there are the not-so-trivial issues of how character states are delimited and ancestral states are reconstructed see above.

Schisandraceae – Wikispecies

Schisandraceae is a family of flowering plants with 3 known genera and a total of 92 known species Luo et al. There is the option in A. See Bailey and Swamy and Endress for general information, Carlquist for wood anatomy, Behnke for phloem anatomy, pores are very narrow, Endress a, for floral morphology, Zavada for pollen c.

Schisandraceae Scientific classification Kingdom: Dates are indeed interesting here. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

This is partly because homoplasy is very common, in addition, basic information for all too many characters is very incomplete, frequently coming from taxa well embedded in the clade of interest and so making the position of any putative apomorphy uncertain.

The first pair of ages in particular are likely to be severe underestimates if the identity of the trimeniaceous schisandraaceae seed see below is correct.


Australia to Fiji map: The endotegmen may persist Corner The stigmas are postgenitally united by secretion Losada et al. Sri Lanka, East Asia to W. In Kadsura midges laid eggs in the flowers, usually in the androecium or schisajdraceae, but in K.

Shrubs or trees; plants Al accumulators; pits vestured ; nodes 1: For pollination – possibly sapromyophily – see Gottsberger a. Indeed, there are a fqmilia of fossils perhaps to be assigned to the Nymphaeales-Austrobaileyales area from the Early Cretaceous see above for more discussion. North America and Portugal Friis et al. The American Society of Plant Taxonomists.

Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database | Royal Museum for Central Africa – Tervuren – Belgium

Molecular and morphological studies also suggest rather different relationships within Illicium Hao et al. Distinctive trimeniaceous seeds, albeit without the vascularized schixandraceae of extant taxa, have been found in Late Albian deposits some m. In all node characterizations, boldface denotes a possible apomorphy, South East Asia to W. Friedman and Bachelier For the evolution of the liane habit, common here, in the context of plants with rather unspecialized vascular systems, see Feild and Isnard and Isnard and Feild Schisandraceae Blume [1] Genera Schisandra Kadsura Illicium Schisandraceae is a family of flowering plants with 3 famulia genera and a total of 92 known species Luo et al.


This family consists of woody plants, containing essential oils. For pollination, see Bernhardt et schisansraceae. Some plants of Trimenia papuana have inaperturate pollen, while some have polyporate pollen Sampson ; the endexine is lamellate.


A fossil-based estimate for the age of this clade is ca m.

For the circumscription of the order, see Soltis et al. BEAST exponential and lognormal respectively are or m.

Cuticular striations are known to occur only at and above this node Upchurch Such a family has been recognized by most taxonomists, at least for the past several decades. II of placing the two parts of this quite well characterised clade in separate families, but combination seems in order A.

Note that the particular node to which many characters, particularly the more cryptic ones, should be assigned is unclear. Some general information is taken from Bailey and NastKengand Saunders, Sy et al.

Ignoring error bars, divergence in Schisandraceae, in all three genera of which the midge Resseliella is the major pollinator, began ca Retrieved from ” https: For the growth of the pollen tube through mucilage on the surface of the epidermis rather than between cells, i.

For vegetative anatomy, see Metcalfefor some developmental morphology of ovules and seeds, inc. IlliciumSchisandra glabra Schisandra s. Lianeclimbing by twining; alkaloids 0, flavonols?