EXFO’s AXS Handheld OTDR series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test The AXS All-Fiber OTDR combines singlemode and multimode . Search among more than user manuals and view them online EXFO’s AXS does not interfere with the CO’s laser transmitters, as it uses. otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Electro-Optical. Engineering Inc. Use the following general instructions to navigate through the AXS/ menus and Specify a value between 0 and dBrnC if the ANSI.

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You can also switch from Real time mode to Manual mode at any time. Confirm new settings with OK F1 key. When you switch wavelengths, the modulation remains the same. The signal strength is measured for specific intervals of time and is used to characterize events. Support personnel will determine if the equipment requires service, repair, or calibration. When you define the length of the launch fiber, the application sets the fiber span start manjal the beginning of the fiber under test.

EXFO AXS Series OTDR : Manual

Index H hazard, laser radiation The following common features of video fiber inspection probes are compatible with your unit: Ping results are saved in text. Page 44 Setting Storage Parameters To efxo the file format: You can press Enter one more time to clear the boxes. Activate the source if you want.


When the scale changes, the trace is always centered on the area surrounding the magnifying glass icon. When you perform tests with your unit, you connect a launch fiber between your unit and the fiber under test. This equipment was sold after August 13, as identified by exof black rectangle.

You can enter a remote host address. Carefully align the connector and port to prevent the fiber end from touching the outside of the port or rubbing against other surfaces. If the Automatic zoom on fiber span feature is selected in the OTDR setup, the application will zoom in between span start and span end.

Additional Info Please let us know any information that will help us fill your requirement such as urgency, quantity needed, etc. Once the installation is complete, turn on the OTDR. After saving a result, the unit prepares the next file name by incrementing the suffix.

Simply connect the fiber, press FasTrace, and view the result. Please provide the requested information to receive an estimated shipping cost.

After saving a file, the unit prepares the next file name by incrementing the suffix. It verifies the injection level and the reflectance of the first connector.

Possible Cause Solution Shut down the unit aaxs-110 pressing and holding it down. Connect the sxs-110 fiber Step 2: Problem Possible Cause Impossible to turn on unit. You should perform a shutdown if you do not intend to use your unit for a week or more. Values appearing in white on a red background exceed the defined thresholds.


This information is saved along with the trace. Page Index N naming image files automatically It displays a message when a unusually high loss or reflectance occur at the first connection.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Managing Test Results Transferring Results to a Computer To transfer files or folders between your unit and a computer: Contact Info Please let us know how we can contact you. Performing a Ping Test The ping test is a basic test that measures the average time it takes for a packet to reach the remote host. Ports and connectors on your unit may differ from the illustration.

Modifiable items are followed by a keyboard exfi. A straight line is plotted using least-square approximation to fit all trace points in the linear area between the first and second detected events. You will hear a first beep; release the key after you hear a second beep.

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