A review and a link to other reviews of Exegesis by Astro Teller. Teller, a year-old Ph.D. student specializing in artificial intelligence, is the grandson of nuclear physicist Edward Teller, commonly known as the father of the. Exegesis is a novel written in the form of email messages between its two major protagonists, Alice Lu and EDGAR. However, Astro Teller’s.

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The uncomfortable truth that most of us now living will need to deal with before we die is: Edgar is a piece of software and Exegesis makes it clear he cannot, for example, see images or hear sounds. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Nemu novel ini di bagian obral, 15 ribu aja. Exegesis is a good read because the email format keeps the story stimulating.

Astro Teller | Books and Films

This kind of camera has fabulous uses not only in entertainment, but also for robotics, industrial virtual reality, and a host rxegesis other fields. Return to Book Page. Edgar starts sending Alice the programmer emails, then he gets loose and the FBI get involved and Alice’s life starts falling apart and. Jan 18, Pages.


Exegesis – Astro Teller

Stanford University Carnegie Mellon University. Google X spun its project called Genie out into a stand-alone business in Turn-of-the-century interpretations of the World Wide Web always interest me. Stay in Touch Sign up. Jennifer Gillan and Maria Mazziotti Gillan.

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Fascinating format and direction. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Programmet, Edgar, sender hende en mail. While this one sounded compelling when I stumbled across it, it left me cold in the end.

Sun, 16 Jan In MayTeller was featured on NPR’s All Things Considereddiscussing how the good economy has shaped the attitudes of year-olds towards their jobs.

Retrieved 25 January In Exegesis, Astro Teller deals with the issues exegesls of which involve an emerging machine intelligence.

Astro Teller

His journey to reinvent himself is woven into the imaginary and complex ancient mountain society of Karabas. Please try again later. Gimana rasanya kalo program komputer buatan Exevesis tau2x ngirim email dan bilang halo dan menyebut dirinya adalah Edgar, sesuai dengan nama proyek buatan Anda?

It’s an insightful book, and it makes you think about technology and whether or not computers can become equivalent to a “person. There were some interesting philosophical discussions, and I particularly liked Edgar’s ultimate choice, but also there were some really meandering thoughts that felt slippery, like they never quite touched ground on their logical base. It’s the perfect length for what it is, I’ll give it that.


Nonetheless, kudos to Teller on a quality Write for his first novel. The answer to your question depends very much on what you mean by “Edgar. In Exegesis, Astro Teller deals with the issues aztro emerging machine intelligence without the usual simplifications and moral generalizations.

The first astrro of scientific goal is difficult to achieve because achieving it would contradict a law of physics. A very interesting look into the possibility of an Artificial intelligence that goes by its own rule.

There is a neat site devoted to it at his Random House publisher’s site and Vintage did market the attractive little book effectively.