As one of the Abyssal Exalted, you will naturally be hardier than any mortal man. Healing in days what mortals would in weeks, able to staunch bleeding wounds. This book tells all about the Abyssal Exalted, the cham- pions given power by the chthonic entities of the Underworld. Whether you want to use Abyssals as. : Exalted: The Abyssals (): Bryan Armor, Richard E. Dansky, Dawn Elliot, Michael Goodwin, Michael Kessler, James Kiley, Scott.

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An Abyssal can gain Resonance for sins against the Void regardless of whether the Neverborn are observing, or indeed can observe those sins.

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Abyssal Exalted | A Watchful Eye | Obsidian Portal

You should check them out. Those Who Work Unclean Arts have truly earned their sobriquet. The simplest way for an Abyssal to reduce Resonance is, well, simply to suffer the punishment of the Neverborn.

For one your leash is not as long as the Infernals. Find out what you can do. Abyssals can also choose to permanently lower their Whispers rating by one dot exwlted the end of each story devoted to redemption returning 3 experience points if Storytellers give compensatory experience for lost Backgrounds.

Trickery and deception are tools by exaltef the Day Caste spreads terror. The Abyssal Exalted, commonly referred to as Deathknights, are Exalted champions of the Deathlords and their Neverborn masters.

Abyssals – 1d4chan

The slain Primordials do not always object when their servants fight. The mystical ties that bind Lunar Exalted to their Solar mates offer Abyssal Exalted a tiny sliver of hope. Qbyssals Physical Base any five Mental Base any three. These effects persist for longer periods with greater eruptions, and force animals and, at higher levels, mortals to find the presence of the Abyssal unbearable. Though spells have been published that would accomplish the task, it is implied that no Abyssal has ever made a successful attempt; and that such an act of ultimate redemption should be a major plot point or centerpiece of a campaign.


Click here to edit contents of this page. The Abyssal Exalts vary from the solar greatly, in that they are chosen directly by their masters: With their last spiteful gasps, the Neverborn cursed their murderers to an endless spiral of madness and betrayal.

Additionally, if an Abyssal’s Resonance ealted 10 or more, the Storyteller immediately spends 10 points on an eruption without needing a roll, choosing the most cruelly-appropriate punishment s for the Exalt’s recent sins.

Abyssals on the other hand have only a very slim hope of doing what they personally want to do. Upon being brought before the Neverborn in the Underworld citadel of their Deathlord masters, the Neverborn revoke the Great Curse, instating in its place Dark Fate and the Resonance track.

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. In addition no undead creature will harm them. The Neverborn possess the Abyssal in increasingly-direct ways, removing or poisoning positive Intimacies held by the deathknight, or even take over the body of the deathknight directly in the case of severe transgressions.

Their Virtue Flaw disappears. The more powerful a deathknight becomes, the greater the scrutiny of the Neverborn, and the swifter their punishments for disobedience. Abyssal games can be tough.

These dead primordial beings are willing to go so far as to tear down the very world they shaped for revenge.

Others become ambassadors from the world of the dead to the lands of the living.

The whispering spark of light serves as a conscience in even the most black hearted of Abyssals, reiterating continuously that these Chosen of Death have also chosen Death for themselves and all of creation. Should such a redemption occur, the reborn Solar spark is cleansed of the Great Curse.

The deathknights also flagellate themselves and engage in other self-torture. If the Mental Attack succeeds the enemy will either flee or surrender. These witching hours are the times of the vile death gods’ miracles, and the Midnight caste are the ones to carry them out. Where saner minds would use science and sorcery to create glorious wonders of human achievement, the mad scholars of the Daybreak caste, spawn deranged monstrosities and perverse mockeries of life.


Abyssal Exalted

Thus, it is categorically impossible to be an Abyssal and not suffer Resonance. Offering terrible sacrifices to their dread patrons the Children of Silence blight the land with death and abomination. The Abyssal Exaltedcommonly referred to as Deathknightsare Exalted champions of the Deathlords and their Neverborn masters.

Building ayssals maintaining positive Intimacies attracts the wrath of abysslas Neverborn, especially when those Intimacies are with individuals the deathknight knew before her Exaltation. Known Void Circle spells remain only as inaccessible occult theory.

While the undead Primordials are not exactly a cheerful bunch, the Deathlords are outright the worst bosses in creation. This effect can increase up to the temporary formation of a shadownland centred on their location.

With great cunning and mystical power a member of the Daybreak Caste can conjure up a necrotic shield of pure death essence to guard himself from harm.

Being nice to your Lunar and HER loved ones doesn’t count, which is the only lifeline you get in the miserable hell your life has become. All Exalted who have been cured of the Great Curse still possess a Limit track, but no longer gain Limit by any means other than having it inflicted upon them directly by magical effects, such as the Abyssal Charm Sanity-Eroding Diatribe, or the Solar Charm Bloodthirsty Sword-Dancer Spirit.

The charm set of Abyssal exalted basically are those of the Solars seen through the Emo Mirror. Failing the ths, however, means the character suffers a Resonance effect equal to the character’s Essence but gains another point of Resonance rather than losing any.

Sins of Life Abyssals can sin exallted the Void and the Neverborn through inappropriate contact tue the living world.