The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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Guia Evochron Mercenary

A stealth generator is a reuseable piece of equipment that uses a ship’s shield arrays to generate a stealth field. Here is a list of raw materials and the available components that a constructor station can make with them: A few key difference between Sirius and Rigel are the low cost of operations typically no docking fees and high paying contracts with relatively easy objectives. RiftSpace RiftSpace is the home of the Renegades and includes several manmade wormholes to various systems in Evochron.

Saving fuel can greatly improve the profit you make on trade runs and contracts. Your survival depends on your skills as a navigator, trader, combat pilot, explorer, and systems operator.

inclluded inatructina/manual :: Evochron Mercenary General Discussions

If your speed and distance from the missiles are high enough, increase your sideways velocity using the maneuvering thrusters only which helps to keep your heat signature low by not activating your main engines. The waiting transport will be a very large ship and you’ll need to fly close to it before delivering the cargo. A fair reputation level generally means you will likely encounter hostile ships on some occasions.

Reload Your Fleet’s Secondary Weapons The game intentionally uses exiting the game as a way for fleet ships to reload. This lets you recover only the material you want while mining. Generally speaking, the farther away you get from Sapphire, the more challenging you will find opponents to be. Turn off the IDS once your velocity exceeds cruise speed to maximize your acceleration. While the information contained in this guide may give you an advantage, the single best way to improve your chances and abilities is to practice.

Instead, turn away from an inbound enemy so you place them near the corner of the screen, then turn off the IDS, turn to face the target, then fire when in range. For example, if you fly to the far right edge of sector 0,0,0 and exceedon the X in-sector coordinate value, you will then be in sector 1,0,0 aton the X value, or the far left of the new sector that was to the right of the one you came from.


If they see you go into the nebula cloud, then they will often attempt to follow you in and look for you. If you’re far away, then precision may be more difficult and you may need to jump out of the sector, then back in at different location to plot multiple pathways and pinpoint where the containers are located. You are rewarded for a positive reputation by commanding a higher fee for your services. With some practice, you’ll soon find that the Excalibur is not as intimidating of a weapon as it seems at first.

Crew members with low loyalty have a higher chance of leaving your ship next time you dock. Each array’s status is indicated on the status display lower left cockpit display with a green bar circled in yellow in the image above. Talison Talison has a moderate economy and technology level without docking fees for most mercenaries. It’s low economy makes it an unpopular trade stop for selling, but a common one for buying and refueling.

If a ship is travelling forward and turns right 90 degrees, it will still drift in the original direction it was headed due to inertia. You eovchron be required to remote ‘point-n-click’ evodhron anything or bark orders to computers kercenary play the game for you, you are in direct control of your ship and its systems.

The more skilled they are, the more often they will be able to provide direction information. This lets you see the vertical SY sectors. Your rank level is then established from how many points you’ve earned and here is a chart mercenay each level: Both left thrusters engage to push evocheon ship to the right.

High radiation exposure and virtually non-existent preventative health care result in a higher than normal demand for medical supplies, which can include medicine, equipment, and information. The most effective method to hunt for hidden containers in the game is to hire a science ops specialist.

The gate system between Sirius and Sol was destroyed in the last war and has not yet been rebuilt, cutting off the main supply line to this system. The Ferret has minimal armor, but its high agility and speed makes it very effective at evading missiles and gunfire. As the missile begins to approach from behind, its closure speed will be far less than it was when you were flying directly at it, giving your countermeasures more time to act and giving you more time to launch more if the missile does not detonate.

This is the last solar system to remain under Alliance control since the war. By default, the IDS will attempt to perform maneuvers in a fuel mercenay manner.

Once controlled and protected by the Alliance, Evochron is now a largely independent region of space with ambitious treasure hunters travelling between its systems in search of opportunities to obtain their fortunes. This lets you plot more precise waypoints, greatly increasing your accuracy for jumping from sector to sector. The system’s economy, player reputation, player rating, and number of hostile ships are used to establish the base value for a given contract.


The system is usually in conflict with various companies and military factions battling for control of the system’s abundant resources. Metal alloys are a low value commodity the provides the raw material needed for manufacturing.

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There are several ways around this, depending on how much of a spoiler you want to use. Defensive Tactics Defense includes evading enemy fire and also working to prevent an enemy spacecraft from achieving an optimal attack situation.

Originally posted by Shealladh:. Evocyron be afraid to use your afterburner and maneuvering thrusters frequently to help keep your speed high and obtain good attack positions. This does take some practice, but it works well if you’re trying to race another ship to a city or if you need atmosphere cover quickly.

The Ferret is a lightweight scout spacecraft designed for high speed reconnaissance. Water is generally not too valuable, but is still worth some credits when it can be delivered without recycling or production procedures. The level of technology is very similar to Sapphire, so most ships have limited capabilities and don’t pose much of a threat to rookie mercenaries with entry level ships.

This provides a somewhat realistic requirement that while on duty for you, your fleet ships aren’t able to pursue their own interests and fly off to reload. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Not much trading takes place here due to the system only having one planet with two stations, instead many mercenaries have resorted to fighting each other for the cargo they are carrying.

These arrays get covered in a film of debris during open space manufacturing and during transport. In addition to the overall reputation level, you also have individual reputation levels with specific factions in each system that are divided into 5 categories, energy companies, militaries, rebels, guilds, and miners. Combining forces and using your reputation can improve your success in combat. It’s low prices for fuel and equipment make it one of the most popular stops for travelling mercenaries in the entire upper region of Evochron.