Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for. Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s 14 and studying. Evil Genius, then, is not a children’s book like Dahl’s Matilda, but a coming-of-age young adult (YA) book. Author Catherine Jinks is adept at working with this.

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Lists with This Book. Causing massive commuter blockages at eight.

Strange Horizons – Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks By Duncan Lawie

The plot begins to pick up after catherinf point, but is needlessly complicated and simply confusing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Phineas Darkkon Cadel’s “father” – the founder of the Axis Institute, was imprisoned for various black market-related crimes.

This is a moment of awakening. The bad guys are deliciously evil and our hero Cadel is just as bad. While there he’ll be taking classes in Law “loopholes”Personal Presentation “disguise”Cultural Appreciation “forgery”and Computer Science “infiltration”.

Cadel has created an online subscription dating agency as a source of funds, providing fake correspondents to keep the fees coming in. However, to his own astonishment, Cadel starts to develop empathy.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. His projects start becoming more and more cruel, until he meets an online friend names Kay-Lee who makes him start questioning the morality of his actions. The careful construction of Cadel’s environment, so painstaking in the book’s first half, pays off in the speed with which the narration can now move. So yes, I liked this book a whole lot.


Evil Genius

Her work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Catherine Jinks is the Australian author of more than thirty books for all ages. I would apologize for such a lengthy comment, but such an amazing trilogy deserves at least this much praise.

I think it was originally supposed to be some kind of breakfast area or some such, but my mom had converted it into a sitting area. I will try to approach the rest of the trilogy with an open mind and trust Jinks to stay true to her style. Caden’s real father would build the phone for him, but he would not put together the plans for the phone because he believed that Cadel needed the challenge.

Friendship requires Cadel to cultivate empathy, and thus to separate himself from the cold, instrumental approach to human relationships advocated by Phineas, Thaddeus and the Axis Institute.

Cathherine didn’t hate it, not at all. Crime fiction depicts disruptions of the social order, and its narrative arc can be conservative: Mar 27, AH rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I think it may have been some time since the Genius series crossed your notifications on this website.

I thought the summary looked great and she agreed but the book was in the teen room at our library. But Did you ever thought in your life that you would have had become this successful author in the future?

So, maybe my rating of this book is entirely comparative. The Dark Days Deceit. There is no threat to Cadel here; as the acknowledged son of Dr. Soon Cadel is attending the Axis Institute studying for a degree in world domination and nothing is as it seems. He is also very short and catherinee often described as being ‘girlish’ because of his shocking resemblance to his mother.

The Gwnius for TK. After working for several years in a bank, she married Catherrine Dockrill, a Canadian journalist, and lived for a short time in Nova Scotia, Canada.


He claims to be Cadel’s real evkl, and seems to be working with Dr. To say that your Evil Genius trilogy holds my three favorite books would be an understatement. Phineas suggests the Axis Institute for Cadel to go to. She grew up in Papua New Guinea, where her father worked as a patrol officer. We publish fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, and art. While the first part was interesting, watching a young child struggle with his intellect, learning as well as school, it got rather boring when he enrolled in the school for evil geniuses.

On ‘Evil Genius’, by Catherine Jinks – Griffith Review

Like Judy Blume, who waited for years and years, until her son grew up and became a director and decided to film one of her books himself! Jinks never underestimates her audience, and builds a rich and morally complex plot. For the first time in his life, Cadel begins to question the morals he’s been raised with, and the true intentions of Phineas Darkkon and Thaddeus Roth.

This page was last edited on 16 Juneat Back in the house where I grew up my family recently movedwe had a small room next to our kitchen. Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. This book is a book that I really liked and have no idea why. Man kann schon anhand seiner Intonation bestimmen, wer gerade spricht, sodass hier wenigstens keine Monotonie aufkommt.

It especially contrasts the behavior of people who truly care about others with that of those who regard them only as tools, and it shows the likely consequences of each.