Wspomina o niej Sokrates Scholastyk w swej Historii Kościoła III,7. Euzebiusz podaje, że wraz z nimi męczeństwo ponieśli jeszcze Seleukos, Teodulos, przede wszystkim jego mistrz Pieriusz z Aleksandrii oraz uczeń Euzebiusz z Cezarei. The Legend of St. George Saving a Youth from Captivity and its Depiction in Art *. 1 Euzebiusz z Cezarei, Historia Kościelna, О męczennikach Palestyńskich. Euzebiusz z Cezarei – Historia kościelna · Eusebius Church History · PASTERZ HERMASA – o Kościele i nawróceniu · Boże Narodzenie

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The last element of the Moldavian cycle seems to illustrate the legend On the son of Leon, and this is how J.

However they usually only repeat earlier theories and their statements hostoria not important for the research on this subject George accompanied by a boy with a jar. Wallis Budge, George of Lydda.

Tadeusz z Edessy

Almost identical clothes are worn by a youth on a fresco painted at the same time in the church of St. One must agree with E. He wears a tall, open diadem tympanion on his head and sits on a throne with a footstool. Only after a few minutes, when all of them recognised Leon’s son, a started to celebrate because of his miraculous return, and drank the delicious, still histiria water from the jug.

Talbot Rice, The Icons of Cyprus…, p. Young George, who was captured by the Bulgarians, was so handsome that their ruler made him a steward and kept the boy in his residence. Papageorgiou, Icons of Cyprus, Nicosiapp.

As a literary pattern for this image, they proposed only the Mytilenian version of the legend, arguing their choice by the fact that the young boy holds in his hand a glass of wine, and that in the rocky background landscape a spot of blue paint is visible which, they claim, represents the sea.


The first of them survived on the North wall of the naos in the church of the Panagia in Saitoures near Rethymnon ascribed to circa George with a sword in his hand appears to Theodore’s mother and other women.

Pamfil z Cezarei – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

The centre field contains an image of St. Kendeas’ Church in the suburbs of Paphosproduced during Venetian rule on the island, St.

George at that time—can be understood in the context of the developing culture of chivalry, present also in secular art Raff’s investigation was based mainly on material collected on the Greek islands, and particularly on Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus The feast of the martyred saint came and the parents of the prisoner went to the church for evening liturgy, following which they invited their relatives and friends for the traditional supper.

Already in pre-Iconoclast representations the saint appears not only in patrician attire, but also as a warrior in armour with spear and shield 4.

But on the Cappadocian icon the figure of Christ appears against the background of a polygonal mandorla instead of the blessing Manus Dei emerging from heaven above the saint. At first the parents of the boy fainted, when they saw the Bulgarian clothes and steaming jug while the terrified guests started to shout.

A step backwards, which has confused investigations in this field, was David Talbot Rice’s report delivered at the Sixth International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Paris.

George, unusually shown with a beard and moustache. Theodores of the Holy Cross from Sakdarisee G. One can find an early example of this iconographic subject on the frame panel of the icon of St.

George in the crusader countries in Levant can be justified by various circumstances. It is difficult then to define the relationship between both works. The wall in the background of the composition suggests that the events take place in a house.


Pamfil z Cezarei

Liva-Xanthaki, Athensp. Meinardus does not reject the possibility that in Coptic art St. However, there is an example of using the same pictorial formula to illustrate another version of the legend. Stylianou discussed the iconography of Saint George with an adolescent. This was temporarily renamed Georgioupolis and so George of Cyprus names it in his seventh-century work Descriptio orbis Romani.

Tadeusz z Edessy – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

The bottom part of the icon is divided into twelve panels and illustrates the cycle of the saint’s martyrdom enlarged by two miracles. Next to it is an inscription: Few saints can boast the rich hagiography and variety of artistic depiction of St. Leon, who was too old to become the commander of Byzantine forces, sent his twenty-year-old son George in his stead.

Saba in the valley of the Cedron River. Recalling the saint’s protection must have heartened the faithful in a difficult time. The variety of depictions of St.

The second part of the episode was depicted on the adjoining wall, where the artist showed the boy’s parents standing behind a table laid for a festivity and three other figures, presumably the parents’ guests. The saint wears a red cloak covering here a long dress typical for an image of martyrs and commits euzebiuaz boy euzebkusz the care of a priest wearing a sakkos and omophorion. Independently of the work of the German scholars, R. This version of the story reads as follows: John the Theologian in Paleochora on Aegina fig.