We designed the EURAMOS-1 trial to investigate whether intensified .. and a normal creatinine concentration for their age as per protocol. EURAMOS-1, an international randomised study for osteosarcoma: Results from Pre-operative chemotherapy was completed according to protocol in 94%. The EURAMOS 1 trial is a multimodal therapy of osteosacoma with precluding treatment with protocol chemotherapy (for example HIV.

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Support Center Support Center. Long-term event data were sought in all patients, regardless of randomisation.

The role of interferons in the treatment of osteosarcoma. With patients with resectable osteosarcoma randomised, it doubled the size of the previous largest RCT in this population and accrual was completed in around 6 years.

CitePeer Related Articles http: Once histological response to pre-operative chemotherapy has been evaluated, patients will be randomized by contacting the relevant trials center. Planning the size and duration of a clinical trial studying the time to some critical event. Diagnostic biopsies were to be examined by local institutional pathologists and reviewed by each study group’s reference pathologists.


There were three 0. CTCAE grade 3—4 toxicity was common: Nagarajan34 R.

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A third pre-operative course of AP should not be given as this renders the patient ineligible for randomization. There were limits to the accessibility of the trial for osteosarcoma patients.

It assessed maintenance therapy in patients with a better prognosis Good Response [ 19 ] and intensification in patients with poorer prognosis Poor Response [ 920 — 22 ]. Chemotherapy, en bloc resection, and prosthetic bone replacement in the treatment of osteogenic sarcoma.

Longitudinal evaluation of quality of life was undertaken. Surgery was scheduled after two cycles of MAP, i. Abstract Four international study groups undertook a large study in resectable osteosarcoma, which included two randomised controlled trials, to determine the effect on survival of changing post-operative chemotherapy based on histological response. Capra12 C. University Hospital of Muenster, Muenster, Germany.

Improvement in the following outcomes Overall survival Short-term toxicity Long-term toxicity Quality of life. While the link between increased toxicity and improved survival from osteosarcoma remains to be unravelled [ 26 ], future approaches must look to reduce this burden as well as improve efficacy. A successor study has not yet emerged despite willingness by investigators and other trials groups joining the collaboration to face the formidable regulatory and financial challenges which must be overcome.


Commencing Marchpatients were registered from centres across 17 countries.

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The treatment-related death rate of 0. Standard descriptive statistics are used.

EFS was chosen because prevention of first recurrence is the principal goal of adjuvant treatment of osteosarcoma, given the low rate of survival after first recurrence. There was some variability in proportion randomised between groups: Eriksson15 A. This was the background against which we protocoll together to attempt to develop new paradigms for treating this disease. Perceptions of participants and professionals in bone protlcol clinical trials: Anninga8 T.

International collaboration is feasible in trials for rare conditions: Long-term event data from the full cohort, including second malignancy data, will be reported with further follow-up. Toxicities were consistent with previous experience of these agents.