A summary of Point of View and the Unreliable Narrator in Eudora Welty’s Why I Live at the P.O.. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section. Why I Live at the P.O.. Welty, Eudora. Primary Category: Literature / Fiction. Genre: Short Story Primary Source. The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty. Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories has ratings and 48 reviews. Judith said: Repeating myself I love Eudora Welty’s writing, especially her h.

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She was the first living author to have her works published by the Library of America. She has no more manners than the man in the moon.

Why I Live at the P.O.

PaperbackPenguin 60s90 pages. In her later life, she lived near Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, where, despite her fame, she was still a common sight among the people of her hometown. Those Southern writers really liked stories, and the telling of stories.

And he said on the other hand he thought Stella-Rondo had a brilliant mind and deserved fudora for getting out of town.

Stella-Rondo just calmly takes off this hat, Ehdora wish you could see it. Eudora Welty fokus in haar verhale op die Amerikaanse Suide en beeld die karakters, gemeenskap en kultuur ontroerend en meevoerend uit, onder meer deur die spesifieke vorm van Engels wat daar gepraat word.


Why I Live at the P.O. by Eudora Welty

Jun 28, Judith rated it it was amazing. This is as close a portrayal of all that as you’ll ever find. Short stories by Eudora Welty short stories. Some of us are different, and we’re happier and need our own space.

Book 6 Why I Live at the P. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You probably thought dysentery ended with the Civil War.

Why I Live at the P.O.

Poor sister, everything she does backfires. My favorite story ever! This review misses the point of the story, which is a humorous look at life through the eyes of an unreliable narrator.

Stella-Rondo is exactly twelve months to the day younger than I am and for that lige she’s spoiled. I says, fudora, Stella-Rondo had better thank her lucky stars it was her instead of me came trotting in with that very peculiar-looking child.

Run upstairs this instant and apologize to Stella-Rondo and Shirley-T. I said from the beginning he’d up and leave her. There I was with the whole entire house on Stella-Rondo’s side and turned against me. Anywho, it is a comedy, a domestic drama, a glimpse of the South Later, Sister tries to fight back by saying that Shirley T is mute and mentally eudorq, but lo and behold!


Another time he sent me to Mammoth Cave, with all expenses paid. I can’t remember when I laughed so hysterically.

One very good, the others just kinda strange. Currently you have JavaScript wflty. However, Stella’s sudden reappearance restores the dynamic. Return to Book Page. Uncle Rondo has got the most terrible temper in the world. As everyone in the house is angry with Sister because of Stella-Rondo’s lies, she leaves her home and moves to the post office, where she works.

So she has to raise the window before she can make a soul hear her outdoors. But I said she couldn’t convince me though she talked till she was blue in the face. I just do NOT connect with the writing style. Which in turn would isolate the narrator. As qelty result, Stella convinces Uncle Rondo that Sister suggested that he looks like a fool in her pink kimono. Included are four stories that capture the heart of the American South. Whitaker in the first place and didn’t go up to Illinois to live,” says Mama, shaking a spoon in my face.