Eucheuma , Orig. name Gigartina isiforme () Endlicher , Variety Eucheuma isiforme var. denudatum , The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiforme harvested from the Nicaraguan. The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiformeharvested from the Nicaraguan coast were .

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Eycheuma more sophisticated drying is on slatted bamboo decks surrounding farm houses erected at the farm sites. None of these authors treats the sections of the genus, Anaxi-ferae, Cottoniformia or Gelatiformia, from which the commercial cottonii and gelatinae crops iaiforme. The volume so established by the four plane surfaces of the tetrahedron represents both site fertility and productivity. In this way ice-ice acts as an agent in vegetative reproduction: This can be a bad pest, but it appears to be restricted to near or sucheuma sea grass, Enhalus acoroides or Thalassia hemprichiicommunities.

The major cottonii form, tambalang, may not become fertile on farms, though the typical form is freely fertile in its native habitat.

Each process has its merits, and some large companies use more than one method to obtain different qualities in their final products. Milk reactivity and gel strength may be related to potassium and sulfate, respectively, at the 4-carbon positions. Farming adds maintenance of the farm structures, planting, replanting and pest control.

The rabbit fishes Siganidae and iiforme Tetraodontidae as well as Canthigasteridae are isifogme. Creating circumstances which allow them to do this is one of the better ways to get this farming undertaken. No microorganism-caused or contagious disease is known Uyenco et al. Three approaches are in use for water removal after centrifugation, filtering and sometimes vacuum removal of some water: In an unpublished study the fixed nitrogen and dissolved phosphorus contents of the water, as well as other factors, were determined weekly as the water passed through about 15 meters of usually dense Eucheuma planting.


Site fertility and the agronomy applied are so variable that there is little consistency in yield from place to place. Possibly this is most often due to intolerable changes in water motion, salinity or mineral content such as appear at some sites isifforme or randomly.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Eucheuma isiforme () ,

Most if not all evaporated milk nowadays contains carrageenan as the component that makes possible its pleasant flavor and thick, creamy quality. Eucheuma alvarezii carpospores produce morula-like tetra-sporophytic embryoes Figure 5 that attach by rhizoids and differentiate an erect pyriform, then cylindrical form as the typical cluster of apical cells isifoeme opposite the substratum.

Mature gelatinae branches are apically flat, somewhat flexible, have marginal teeth and arise from a cushion of strongly compressed branches. In time the pit surfaces become covered by regenerated cortex and are then the same color and nature as the adjacent natural cortex.

However, a usual range Table 4 of 15 to 30 tons per hectare per year is recognized. While harvesters usually carry a large knife; this and even hats and shoes are not requisite to wild crop harvesting.

Though by now relatively few, they can still destroy a Eucheuma farm. In some places the thalli will double in weight in less than 14 days.

Isolated, or after a change in environmental conditions, the tips may resume growth and regenerate new thalli of normal size and appearance.

Eucheuma isiforme

Water motion especially is a factor that must be taken into account in selecting sites. It must be recognized that farms are often located where Eucheuma does not occur naturally, and this may not always be just due to a lack of suitable substratum. Other specific poor health situations seen on farms are discussed below. There is no finished study of the former but it is well known that yellowing indicates a lowering of vitality in the red algae.


Today, many instant foods that come in powdered form for mixing with cold milk to make them comestible owe their speed and permanence of suspension to the euchuma modification they contain. Some effort has been put forth to obtain use of the filter aid waste from the carrageenan extraction plants as a soil conditioner. Kraft does describe E. Notably in one African country a monopoly has resulted in no development of farming and apparently no increase in export during the past 20 years.

The taxonomy of the Eucheuma section Cottoniformia, which produces the eucgeuma of commerce, is most difficult due to the wide range of environmentally induced forms.

Aspegren specimen in Lund No. The similarly essential biological factors are considered in Section 5. Such regeneration is described by Russell when there is respite from grazing.

Russell found that where corals and algae had rubbed together due to water motion, the corals more euchehma grew around the seaweed than visa versa. Both the commercial wild and farmed kinds of Eucheuma are mostly found in water less than a half meter deep at extreme low tide level.