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Remind me to introduce you to a friend of mine from Georgia one of these days. There she meets Iain and also enlists the help of The Ouroboros Society – a powerful secret society dedicated to the study of reincarnation.

The Eternal Ones 2 6 Jul 02, I liked that no matter what Haven went through, she was still smart and acted responsible. Although I thought the climax was not a climax at all, I can hardly complain – I really enjoyed this book. Dark brown hair worn delightfully unkempt and the sort of tan one only acquires while lying on hidden beaches in the south of France. Me mantuvo en suspenso todo el tiempo.

The idea of rebirth and reincarnation was interesting and being a person that does not believe in that, I actually enjoyed it.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At one point Haven thinks that Iain is playing her for a fool and acting Lothario behind her back. Me ha encantado este libro. Jul 16, daisychainbooks rated it it was amazing.


The Eternal Ones

And if anyone knows of his existance, he puts his and Haven’s life in danger! View all 6 comments. I enjoyed the characters and felt that they were developed really well. I had a small issue with the narrative. Aug 02, The Novel Strumpet rated it it was ok.

Her best friend, Millre, is the only one to stick by her when everyone else in town thinks she is strange, or worse millerr, possessed by a demon. The relationship she had with Beau was very close knit. Since it’s a teenage genre, I hate to admit how much I liked it, but I really did. This was a good read filled with epic romance, a good mystery, and fun characters.

It’s just that everything Kristen Miller had left me wanting for at the end of book one is exactly what she delivered with this one.

Kirsten Miller please tell me you are writing a sequel! They only thing I hate, is that it leaves you with a huge cliff hanger and as far as I ikrsten tell, there doesn’t appear to be a 3rd book on the horizon which I’m not thrilled about! View all 5 comments. It fell completely flat on his and her side: Even though Haven didn’t remember everything from her past, she still picked up the relationship with “Ethan” where it left off 90 years mmiller.

Deseos (Eternos, #2) by Kirsten Miller

Open Preview See a Problem? She is independent and smart. And he can’t forget her, he needs to have her! But Haven’s situation was too public and so her grandmother goes to religious professionals so the neighbors know something is being done about Haven kisrten that whether or not Haven get’s better, she herself as a good Christian woman tried and should be pitied for it.


Books by Kirsten Miller.

This book tested my patience in so many levels. Haven journeys all the way to Manhattan i Haven Moore has always known she’s different: Not that I am not salivating over the next installment of Firelight, or Nightshade, or Kelley Armstrong’s The Gathering, or a million other ending-less books but seriously people.

I got nearly pages in, cut somewhere in the back and basically got the whole story. If you are into star crossed lovers who keep on meeting, breaking up, dying and being born again and again. I can’t stop thinking about this! BUT I emplore the editor to cut out all this indecisive, woah is me, I cant decide, Im a horrible person, who do I love business that made me want to totally beat Haven with my bare hands.