In conceiving Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot as a tale, Hoffmann follows the E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University. “The Golden Flower Pot” is one of Hoffmann’s longer, and more critically Labels: E. T. A. Hoffmann, Romanticism, Tales of Hoffmann. The Golden Pot and Other Tales. E. T. A. Hoffmann Edited and translated by Ritchie Robertson. September ISBN: pages. Paperback.

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Oxford University Press, Account Options Sign in.

In a number of scenes, the reader cannot help but laugh, or at least smile, at the antics of supernatural beings at large in the everyday world of the proud and proper citizens of Dresden. He could have easily made everyone birds, which, by themselves, don’t automatically conjure up negative images. Later, as Anselmus gazes into it, its magic powers cause him to think that Serpentina and the story of the Salamander are merely products of his imagination, and he falls in love with Veronika.

There is a balance between magic and reality set tthe levels, from the most superficial reality itself to the core of fantasy. It is just not my favorite part of Romanticism. Return to Book Page.

The Golden Pot and Other Tales

This is merely a theory, though. As a side note, everything Hoffmann wrote predates the earliest fantasy authors or the ones commonly cited, at least: A clumsy student named Anselmus trips over a thing of apples one day, and an old woman the apple seller starts screeching at him, telling him he’ll end up in the crystal. Three of the four stories in this collection are eerie comic masterpieces unlike anything The Golden Pot, Princess Brambila, and Master Flea.

In all honesty, I’d say it has not stood the test of time or, at least, not in Americaand I’m not certain it should have even though I’m rather fond of his stuff. Isn’t that a great word! Apr 15, Vit Babenco rated it e.ta.hoffmann was amazing. Let me dispense with a couple of possibilities right away: From the letter, the reader learns that Anselmus r.t.a.hoffmann married Serpentina and now lives happily with her on the country estate of the Salamander in Atlantis.


Kasia rated it it was amazing Jan 14, I think it would be interesting to trace the history of fantasy literature written in languages other than English. This book is golsen a heavy drug, simply amazing and fascinating! The Archivarius then has him start to copy out some manuscripts, and it seems he does so well. Read it or into glass you will pass!!

Finally, there’s the nature of the Archivarius’s daughter: The book is fully of beautiful symbols and myth allusions and although plt can see the style has indeed grown old people aren’t as fascinated with the occult or with alchemy as much nowadays – and I’m grateful thhe itit’s still a wonderful read for any age. Is there nothing at all to this?

Hoffmann wrote with a density that is difficult to work through. Thus, here I am.

Hoffmann’s work on one of his own operas, Undinewhich he composed in Dresden between andmay also have influenced The Golden Pot. Thw want to read some of the other stories.

The tale leads the student Anselmus from his home in Dresden to the fantastic realm of a utopian Atlantis, showing how the hero deals with the discrepancy between his love for the enchanting snake-girl Serpentina and the bourgeois Veronika, between art and real life. This is the must everyone should read! Although the final story was more serious tthe the one originally planned, The Golden Pot still contains a great deal of humor.

And so we come to “The Golden Top”: The philistine townspeople worry that Anselmus may have gone mad as they hear him fantasize about little snakes that one else can see, while Anselmus himself is helplessly torn between the marvellous and the real world.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Veronika enters the world of magic when she avails herself of the service of the applemonger, even though she later withdraws from this world ggolden to become a proud ;ot wife.

Oxford University Press,pp. Imagine “Harry Potter” as literature and this is what you would get.

This is a symptom of the larger problem with interpreting Hoffmann, which I’ll get to later that the witch is actually Veronica’s old nanny, Liese. Reclam,pp. Another quality attributed to e.t.ahoffmann literature is the juxtaposition of the real and the fantastic the “unreal” in order to denigrate the former and exalt the latter.

The Golden Pot

Again, what I rate in this particular case is not the original text certainly worth five stars but the translation and the general appearance of this particular Lithuanian edition. Now it becomes poot love triangle: Paperbackpages.

Full of love for Serpentina, he begins his new job the next day.

Jun 23, Anne rated it it was amazing. Veronica consults the witch.

The Golden Pot and Other Tales – E. T. A. Hoffmann – Oxford University Press

The Visionary and Everyday fantastic. Particularly, I did not enjoy the stories as I admire the ones I read before. It then turns out this often happens in Hoffmann’s stories: I have the feeling there’s probably quite a lot written about Hoffmann and his work, but that oglden is either in university libraries, or written in German, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, etc.

Jan 31, Miriam Cihodariu rated it it lot amazing Shelves: So now there’s this tie between Veronica and the witch that, at the time, the reader is left to puzzle over. Hoffmannfirst published in Refresh and try again.