By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . The Sandman is coming, I can see.” And certainly on all these occasions I heard something with a heavy, slow step go bouncing up the stairs. That I thought. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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Der Sandmann by E.T.A. Hoffmann

Coppelius instead twists Nathanael’s hands and feet and tortures him until he passes out. I resolved that I would not begin it at all. The professor of poetry and eloquence took a pinch of snuff, clapped the lid of his box to, eya his throat, and said solemnly: Nathaniel had totally forgotten the very existence of Clara, whom he had sansman loved; his mother, Lothaire – all had vanished from his memory; he lived only for Olympia, with whom he sat for hours every day, uttering strange hoffmahn stuff about his love, about the sympathy that glowed to life, about the affinity of souls, to all of which Olympia listened with great devotion.

Besides, Coppelius has not even altered his name. Nathanael’s frustration with this leads him to call her an “inanimate, accursed automaton”, which so enrages Lothar that he in turn insults Nathanael, and a duel is only narrowly averted by Clara’s intervention.

As if spellbound, Nathaniel reclined against the window, meditating on the charming Olympia. Moreover, in all the glasses which Coppola hofrmann placed on the table, there was nothing remarkable, or at least nothing so uncanny as in the spectacles; and to eat matters right Nathaniel resolved to make a purchase. Published by Insel Verlag first published January 19th Turns out one of the earlier German interpretations of this fellow had him torturing and mutilating the kids that fought his magic sleep dust.


On the downside, he seems to be too sensitive. Whence they took these I did not see. Original review posted here There is absolutely no reason for people to avoid reading this story. In this, the interpretation from an Enlightenment perspective makes sense against the Romantic view, whereby Klara represents the enlightenment and Nathanael the Romantics.

Nathaniel felt as though a heavy and oppressive burden had been rolled away, as though by resisting the dark power that held him fast he had saved his whole being, which had been threatened with annihilation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Quotes from Gruselkabinett I, therefore, feigned great weariness, left the room before nine o’clock, and hid myself in a corner close to the door.

I was riveted to the spot, as if enchanted.

‘The Sandman’ by E.T.A. Hoffmann | Intermittencies of the Mind

The professor was holding a female figure fast by the shoulders, the Italian Coppola grasped it by the feet, and there they were tugging and pulling, this way and that, contending for the possession of it with the utmost fury. The characters and the conflict are first defined in the story’s three opening letters. An entertaining short story with a sndman meaning, pleasant to read if you’re in to a bit of horror.

The second one is why do some individuals pursue illusions tne better options in the real world are at hand.

The doors were wide open, all sorts of utensils were being carried in, the windows of the first floor were being taken out, maid-servants were going about sweeping and dusting with great hairbrooms, and carpenters and upholsterers were knocking and hammering within. Nothing more strange and chimerical can be imagined than the fate of my poor friend, the young student Nathaniel, which I, gracious reader, have undertaken to tell you.

His pulse and veins leapt convulsively. Certainly I always heard him coming up the stairs. He recounts that one night, he hid in his father’s room to see the Sandman. Hoffmann’s stories were very influential during the 19th century, and he is one of the major authors of the Romantic movement.


The Sandman by ETA Hoffmann – review

Analysieren Sie die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Maschine? Nathaniel, however, is besotted and cannot turn his eyes away. Why, even if you had not believed in the Sandman, Coppelius would still have seemed to you a monster, especially dangerous to children. The decline into madness was also interesting; I kept seeing the repetitive things Nathanael would say in the last page or two and his almost mechanical and involuntary actions and being reminded of Olimpia’s ‘words’ that never changed.

Nathaniel closed the book at once and hurried indignantly to his chamber. The explosion had awakened the neighbors, the occurrence had become common talk, and had reached the ears of the magistracy, who wished to make Coppelius answerable. For it was well known that she could not think of him without terror since she, as well as Nathaniel, held him guilty of causing her husband’s death. Nathaniel is invited to a party, hosted by Spalanzani, at which Olympia will be present.

Clara was attached to her lover with all her heart, and when he parted from her the first cloud passed over her life. He is haunted by the dark memories and the malevolent figure of Coppelius, who murdered his father. Coppola was standing behind him: Hoffmann before and had heard great things about him.

Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmannwas a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror, a jurist, composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist. Ist der Sandmann echt oder nur eine Illusionen? Smart and cultivated, with a suitable marriage in his future.