Title, L’essenza del cristianesimo. Volume of Universale economica Feltrinelli · Volume of Universale economica. Author, Ludwig Feuerbach. Edition, 2. In this, one of the most influential works of the post-Hegelian era, Feuerbach Quale l’ampiezza della tua vista, tale l’ampiezza del tuo essere e viceversa.” (p. Results 1 – 16 of L’essenza del Cristianesimo. Parte II. 15 Jan by Feuerbach,Ludwig. A cura di Antonio Banfi. Traduz. di i. Currently.

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This has been taken on board by many atheists, but, as Barth points out, is it really the real, genuine human being Feuerbach is talking about here? As much as I disagree with that stance, this is a really eloquent expression of it.

Namely that atheists wish there not to be a God, not to be a higher judgement, someone else setting down the morals, and hey presto, God is dead. He ends up by proposing a kind of religion of human nature. God, in short, does not exist in cristtianesimo material sense.

Feuerbach feyerbach that it is folly to think that humanity is the image of God and that doctrine is an evidence for the fact that Man creates a God in the image of Man.

He leaves nothing untouched: By the ‘s in the U.

The Essence of Christianity

Sep 24, Conor rated it really liked it Shelves: There are significant weaknesses to the thesis, of course: Esta fuera de lugar reprocharle, a Feuerbach precisamente, su irracionalismo. It isn’t seen as backwards or fundamentally wrong as a Nietzsche or Rand or even Hitchens would say. Feuerbach has the misfortune to be usually considered simply as a transitional figure, as the merely biographical link between Hegel and Marx. This is the law of the species, the law of the intelligence” p.


The real objective of life is not happiness, or faith, it is really reason, love and force of will. L’ essenza del cristianesimo by Ludwig Feuerbach; Camilla Cometti.

L’essenza del cristianesimo by Ludwig Feuerbach. That idea is summed up in the quotations above: It needs only that the ordinary course of things be interrupted in order to vindicate to common things an uncommon significance, to life, as such, a religious import” p. Consequently, if we don’t love and care for our fellow men, we are cristiaensimo Jesus’ sacrifice go to waste.

And considering, for example, the unbelievable increase in consumption in the Western world. Man is an object of love because he is an end in himself, because he is a rational and loving being. May 20, Javier rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 09, stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: God is an illusion; God is a delusion; God is a projection of mankind’s best qualities unto vel creator; God is a father-figure meant to protect us from an uncertain and dangerous world.

Formats and Editions of The essence of Christianity []

Thus does man sacrifice man to God! Home Dfl Help Search. She said that she had a crazy neighbor who had it as well and ranted loudly to anyone who would hear that it was the greatest book ever.


But you might be just as happy reading about it and its author. What is the eszenza of revelation vs reason? L’essenza del cristianesimo by Ludwig Feuerbach; Antonio Banfi.

The author arguments constructively and does not merely criticize Christianity, he rather induces we to think differently about it. In understanding the true nature of what it means to be fully human, he contends that we come face to face with the essence of Xian theology: Everywhere he look, he find find the same imperfect human.

I hear echoes in Freud, Lacan, the language game of theist Wittgenstein era, and Critiques of Christianity from within relevant to postcolonial thought. Rui Coelho Man projecting his own reason into an imaginary superlative cristianseimo, according to Feuerbach. Remember me on this computer. Feuerbach dutifully relies on Hegelian logic, and uses the dialectical method of analysis, which obliges the reader to understand that which is a subject against the predicate, which feuergach be both a negation and completion of the subject.

Apr 01, Gavin Hurley rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In conclusion, love is all you need.