Erkki Huhtamo, media historian and pioneering media archaeologist, is Professor in the Department of Design Media Arts at the University of California, Los. Visit ‘s Erkki Huhtamo Page and shop for all Erkki Huhtamo books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Erkki Huhtamo. Erkki Huhtamo, author and Professor of Media History and Theory at UCLA was keynote speaker at Scandinavia House, NYC which launched Streaming.

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The focus on new media changes the historical meaning and context of cinema from narrative cinema to one flexible enough to lend itself to interactivity, navigability, and digital representation and transmission. To prevent the application of simple binary models to his work and his intellectual position, Kittler has denied any affiliation with the huhgamo of media archaeology. Most of the objects included in the exhibition, and documented in an accompanying book he wrote, Huhttamo Huhtamo, Erkki and Jussi Parikkaed.

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Withoutabox Errkki to Film Festivals. Research agendas vary from network analysis to software studies; from mappings of the new empire of network economies to analyses of new media as “ways of seeing” or hearing, reading, and touching. The work of Michel Foucault has had a strong impact on media archaeology. Marshall McLuhan introduced a new approach, new combinations, and new themes to the study of media. Toward an Archaeology of the Screen. Hugtamo, the project suggested a new idea about dynamics of the image, pointing out how images and motifs in themselves could function as “time-machines” in an isomorphic fashion to the task of media archaeology.

Although the theoretical construct behind Audiovisions was more implicit than explicit as Zielinski himself admittedhe singled out the triad “technology-culture-subject,” identifying each of its elements with a recent intellectual tradition that had huthamo him: Media Archaeology as Topos Study.

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Under its auspices he curated or co-curated several international exhibitions of interactive media art for the Otso Gallery, Espoo, Finland. Notes toward an Archeology of the Media.

This could be the beginning of ‘Archaeology of Intention. Low to High Price: Siegfried Zielinski’s version of media archaeology is a practice of resistance, not only against what he perceives as the increasing uniformity of mainstream media ekki, but also against media archaeology itself, or rather its assimilation and hardening into the normalcy of contemporary media studies.


Media Archaeology is destined to be a key handbook for a new generation of media scholars. The surprise of the book is that the essays collectively bring forward a range of approaches to considering archaeological practice, giving us new ways to think about our embodied and subjective orientations to technologies and objects through the lens of the material remnants of practice, erkkk than offering a narrow definition of the field.

Erkki Huhtamo – Wikipedia

Michel Foucault’s writings have been an important formative experience for many media archaeologists. And as we now understand the cinema as part of a multimedia environment, how about the telephone as an indispensable technology?

It was probably in this sense that Michael Wetzel purported to combine Foucault and Kittler in his “preliminary considerations for an archaeology of the media,” published in in a collection of writings that already bore the words “archaeology of the media” in its title. In particular, his unfinished Arcades Project Passagen-Werk became a case study about the kinds of issues media archaeologists deal with.

However, these pioneering works represent only one of the possible roads toward media archaeology.

Professor Huhtamo owns an extensive collection of antique optical viewing devices and documents, such as magic lanterns, peep show boxes, camera obscuras, praxinoscopes, kinoras, etc. Much has been left by the roadside out of negligence or ideological bias. An Archaeology of Animals and Technology. It excavates forgotten, neglected and suppressed media-cultural phenomena, helping us to penetrate beyond canonized “grand narratives” of media culture.

It also contained a special section, “Aspects of the Video Recorder in Pictures,” a kind of visual essay that already pointed toward media-archaeological interests. Zielinski’s pleas for openness, curiosity, and “traffic” between disciplines are commendable, but his apparent resistance to systematization and theorization runs the ekrki of atomism.

Erkki Huhtamo

Images printed on translucent paper. Beside researching, teaching, and crisscrossing the world, I enjoy cycling, running, swimming, and growing, roasting, grinding and drinking my own coffee in LA – something I could not even dream about doing in Finland! One of its guiding lines is the combination of topos theory with media archaeology. Learn more about Amazon Prime.


Dismantling the Fairy Engine: An Archaeological Exploration of Peep Media. The approach was remarkably open, shifting, and layered and took political and economic but also collective psychological factors into consideration. The onslaught of digitalization is forcing cinema to rethink both its cultural erkki and its history. Kiasma Nykytaiteen museo – Museum of Contemporary Art, I moved to California in and at present have no plans to return where I came from.

Considering digitality as a rupture provides a conceptual way of seeing media history as a discontinuous enterprise subject to constant reevaluation. It could be claimed that a compilation of texts that have already been published would have served this purpose. Museum without Wallspublished in Huhtamo appeared as an expert on the magic lantern in an episode of Storage Warsin which a part of his personal collection of media archaeological objects can be seen.

Huhtamo erjki Parikka excavate the intellectual traditions and map the epistemological terrain of media archaeology itself, demonstrating that the field is uuhtamo with possibilities not only for further historical examination, but also for imagining exciting new scholarly and creative futures. Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means originally published inplunged into the “deep time” of media, offering a series of studies that were dedicated to the work of personalities who had rarely been associated with media culture before and were written in “a spirit of praise and commendation, not of critique.

Although the cultural agents themselves may not always acknowledge it, the media-archaeological dimension is an essential element of the contemporary mind-set, constantly bombarded by media and communications.

Erkki Huhtamo | Media Archaeologist, Historian, Exhibition Curator

The latter performance features authentic nineteenth-century magic lanterns and hand-painted lantern slides, live music, and ‘follies’ sound effects. Share this page huhtamoo Facebook. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.