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Breathe in and out into your lower abdomen slowly three timesIn Out In Out In Out Now, as you start breathing normally, visualise that you are breathing-in light and love into your heart center.

And you can hear the Suns voice calling you to join her heart. Allow it to be there. Her energy is your energy Her heart is your heart. From a young age we are taught to control our temper. ahumadw

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And it still is the most important mission here on Earth, to get as many people as possible to start and successfully process their fear.

This seems originally to have meant mix in due proportion” word-origins. The Sun invites you to hna your heart with hers. From the Suns heart, a beam of light and energy travels outwards toward space.

I am going to count to 10 When I reach 10, you will open your eyes, and be awake and aware. A highly psychic person can indeed contact these beings easily, but just imagine what he or she could do without any of these blocks on the way?


Anger really is one step above fear. Part of becoming free, is to recognize and express our anger at our life, lot, situation and people who have harmed us or rejected us.

Inelia Benz Fear Processing Exercise – [DOC Document]

You hear the Earth and you observe her. This is also negative. Thank it for bryja job it had for you, for being with you for so long.

You follow this beam with your awareness. You cannot quote because this article is private.

Inelia Benz Fear Processing Exercise

And when we lose our temper we can hurt others in emotional, psychological and physical ways. Her energy is your energy Her heart is your heart Stay in this place for a few minutes as you expand and grow in light and awareness.

If so, repeat the exercise straight away. You are welcome here. We have so many ways to explain this phenomenon. Allow it to express itself to you. And now comes the second phase, that of processing anger. You reach the Earths heart, and the beam of light goes into it. I dette tilfellet, forbrukeren voldgiftsreglene AAA gjelder med unntak av regler og prosedyrer som gjelder for klasse handlinger eller tillatelse.

And say, fear, you are welcome here. But the emotion, like fear, is destructive.


Repeat this exercise every day until there is no more fear in your life. But the question is the same. You allow the whumada energy to grow and expand as large eges it can get. AAA gjelder voldgifts regler for voldgift for alle tvister til disse forholdenemed mindre du er en person og bruke tjenestene for personlig eller privat bruk.

You follow it in. The Earth and the Sun are neither male or female. Follow the beam of light and love. Staying in alignment with the Earth and Sun is an energy connection to our true reality.

brujw Welcome fear and allow it to grow. You allow it to grow in its beauty, light and love and merge with it. The beam moves closer and closer Until it enter the Suns atmosphere and plunges into the flames You travel downward, following the beam, deep into the core of the Sun, until find her Heart Center.

Do not analyze, errs it reasons, validations or memories, simply observer it. It travels deep through the soil, the rocks Dont analyze it, just look at it. Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes.