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And if David and Jonathan was back together. They become lovers when Jonathan transgerssions to work as an apprentice as the forge owned by David’s father, but then David runs off and joins the King’s army setting is the English Civil War when he’s falsely accused of rape by a local girl trying to trap him into marriageand since he tends to lie every time he opens his mouth even Jonathan doesn’t believe his denials.

Transgressions | Erastes

Yes, it’s a historical, but I didn’t find it slow moving at any point. Jacob looked at his son for a long moment, and then his errastes moved around the unswept yard, taking in the pile of uncut timber, with the few logs beside it.

Jonathan, this is my son David of whom I have spoken.

His own family, of which he was the youngest, were uniformly dark in countenance and dark in comportment. There were things I liked about this novel and things I didn’t like. Great book, really liked the juxtaposition and irony of witch finders, all wrapped up in their religious fervour, searching for witches, don’t exist but they think they do and naturally gay men, do exist but they think they don’t. I struggled with this book for various reasons, none of them the fault of the author, really and must conclude that it is just not my cup of tea.

There was war and injustice crime that I want to know what happened in the end. Paperbackpages. I admit, learning that our two heroes are separated for a big chunk of the book put a real damper on my enthusiasm. This book is absolutely beautiful.

Jonathan arrives at the farm to serve as an apprentice blacksmith to Jacob.

Erastes (author)

Now that we know better Yes, we transgrdssions suffering vicariously on your behalf at the thought of you stranded halfway around the world without your Kindle. Erastes is the pen name of a female author from the United Kingdom, known for writing gay-themed historical and romantic fiction. Hanging up the broom at last, he walked back out to the yard, stripping off his sweaty shirt as he walked.


And Jonathan has a lot of darkness in him, and later falls in with people who under the guise of doing good! Transgressions by Erastes Goodreads Author.

This book is set in a very interesting historical time period, the English civil war. Return to Book Page. There’s plenty of love scenes that don’t fall into some of the more typical trappings “throbbing love hammer” and such.

With the exception of one brief scene, they do Although I rated tdansgressions book a 3, I would say that it’s actually more of a 3.


Yes people like to read intimacy, but this book combines intimacy and romanticism. He had just finished stacking it and was now filling the log box from the house.

I had no doubt that David and Jonathan were made for each other, that while they had to go their own way they would also find each other again. This book had a lot of that – The trannsgressions and “historical fiction” background was interesting and enjoyable.

Erastes (author) – Wikipedia

It could’ve been much better. He liked being alone.

This one makes my libido very high. Nov 18, Leontine rated it really liked it. Mar 21, Sarah rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I really didn’t like this turn in the story. Suddenly David realises why he has never felt any stirrings for the local girls and also why he has strange urges to touch Jon. I know from her reviews of other books that Erastes has a great dislike for love-at-first-sight, or “insta-love” as she often puts it.

Jonathan had never seen anyone like David before; he watched, fascinated, as David loosed the tie from his hair and poured water from a bucket over his head. He’s got a lot of demons to wrestle before he’s got a chance of happiness. Dutifully, David had completed the morning milking, but after he let the gentle beasts back out into the water meadow, he had sauntered down to the river and had done nothing more since.


Jonathan can never be the same man he was before. Lists with This Book. David knew he was beautiful; he did not own a looking glass, another sin but he had a river in which, secretly, he would gaze at his reflection.

David noted that he was biting his bottom lip as if keeping himself in check. Jacob is so fed up of David that he brings in an apprentice to replace him in the forge. It was challenging to switch between the different scenes and perspectives, especially when other characters are introduced and some of the story is written from each character’s point of view.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. They have nothing in common but their age. Nevertheless, in spite of the dark era that all this represented, love prevailed.

As I have said, I didn’t really like David too much at the beginning.

To begin, all the protagonists—David Caverly, Johnathan Graie, and Tobias—are good, strong characters; well-defined and distinct. I might try again another time and see if I was just not in the right erashes of mind. David’s maturity comes not only from fighting as a soldier and learning to cope with living a harsh life, but also the relationships he forms with other men after he eraste Jonathan separate. Lost and lonely, the vulnerable Jonathan quickly falls in with the Witchfinders, a group of extremists who travel the country conducting public trials of women suspected of witchcraft.

The old English tongue drastes Jonathan with thou, thee and whilst enhances the feel of the time period even more. It is not a light bit of fluff, it is extremely dark in some places. David experiences several different types of love throughout the book both platonic and sexual and I found it interesting to discover how they shaped and molded David into the man he became at the end of the book.