Entanglement has ratings and 62 reviews. Jason said: A decent book on Entanglement. Suffers from my pet peeve in popular science books — which is. Can two particles become inextricably linked, so that a change in one is instantly reflected in its counterpart, even if a universe separates them?. With Entanglement, Aczel covers a pretty tough topic – the bizarre behavior of particles that become inextricably linked together; what Einstein.

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My impression is that Mr.

ENTANGLEMENT: The Greatest Mystery in Physics

Although this book is more about the history of physics, some basic physics knowledge Author starts his book with biographies of huge names of physicists, pioneers with their experiments and new discoveries in the world of physics. This says that any action on some part of a particle will have a corresponding effect entanlgement another part of that particle instantaneously, no matter the distance separating the two.

Only in the last few pages does this book actually talk about the entanglemrnt that entanglement has been proven as reality, and virtually no space is given to discussing what it might actually mean. I read the majority of it though at the book store this morning.

ehtanglement However, this concept violates the theory of special relativity, since communication between two places cannot occur faster than the speed of light. Seek more and you will be even more puzzled. I am not comfortable with the degree of assurance the author presents, not about entanglement itself, but about how entanglement fits into a larg A reasonable introduction to quantum entanglement.


Plus there was a lot less on applications of entanglement, like encryption, than I might have liked. Entanglement’s early chapters provide some of the best explanations I have ever encountered of the entanglement phenomena as well as some other quantum mechanical concepts. I had some trouble following some of those experiments, however, but the ones I did understand were absolutely fascinating.

Aczel does not understand the Enfanglement effect or is purposely hiding the cause of it to present a puzzle to the reader. Albert Einstein’s work suggested it was possible, but it was too bizarre, and too contrary to how we then understood space and time, for him to prove.

Entanglement by Amir D. Aczel | : Books

The author tries to approach the material from several directions to make entanglement easier to understand. It introduces many of the major characters in the history of quantum mechanics and primarily focuses on the battle between Bohr and Einstein about whether physics is a local phenomenon.

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Quantum Entanglement, Science’s Strangest Phenomenon. See all 70 reviews. A nice layman’s guide following the study of entanglement. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley.

Or that aczeel who wants an introduction to quantum mechanics would no A decent book on Entanglement. Books of the Week. Amazon Renewed Entanglwment products with a warranty. The books takes us all the way up to recent physics entanglemeent and is highly readable and informative. Unfortunately it is out of date, and I would really like someone else to publish a companion piece detailing the last 16 years of research. This property is what makes quantum computers possible and interesting.

I found this book to be interesting, but not the easiest book that is devoted to the idea of quantum entanglement.


While the book won’t satisfy dedicated science buffs, it will be an accessible entry into this concept of quantum physics. Or that someone who wants an introduction to quantum mechanics would not want to start with a book that focuses on one aspect. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Le cose cominciano a migliorare a partire dalla descrizione del fondamentale contributo di John S.

author : Amir D. Aczel

Entanglement tells the astounding story of the. The author also starts each chapter with a brief introduction to the life of each famous physicist whose contributions were accounted for in this boo This is an excellent account of the fntanglement and evolution of quantum mechanics over the span of years.

Obviously, this is quite a peculiar phenomenon, and it sorely perplexed Einstein.

The photo shows Amir D. Views Read Edit View history. This early history occupies the first half of the book, so that readers who’re already familiar with the history may become impatient to get to the more recent “good stuff”. A good popular introduction to the strange science of entanglement.

Entanglement 8 27 Apr 05, Those with a very limited background may find the book a bit hard going sntanglement much of the last entanglfment and those who are just intrigued by the title should read more about this book to see if it is something that they really want to take on.