Oct 27, This Pin was discovered by Kevin Scarborough. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. THE ENOCHIAN HIERARCHY Tablet of Union EXARP Air of SPIRIT HCOMA Water of SPIRIT NANTA Earth of SPIRIT BITOM Fire of SPIRIT EHNB Spirit of Spirit. COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash such: Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only.

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Without entering into the debate on the ” dangers ” of Enochian Magicwhen used with caution and in accordance with Second Order Teachingsit is not only safe, it is utterly effective in the physical world, and illuminating in the area of Spiritual development! John Dee’s diagram of the four watchtowers of Ritual magick.

In the year of through the extraordinary efforts of Dr. Tablets with Enochian Script Lettering. If I have erred in this interpretation, I invite the rights-holder to please contact me and I will correct this.

Available in either the Sephirotic flashing colors of yellow and violet, or the Planetary flashing colors of orange and blue. The two men accumulated a great quantity of work, including an entire language with its own unique alphabet and syntax.


The King relates to Sol.

The Enochian Watchtower of water. Allow about 6 to 8 weeks for this item to be made for you.


Another variation has all Crosses in Flashing Colors as in Series 2 but also includes the border in the appropriate Elemental Color:. Since black has no complimentary colour, in earth of Earth the lettering would be green in a black square. The watchtowers and the black cross. John Dee for use in Enochian workings.

The reason is that the Hebrew represents the Celestial influence and governance and the Enochian hierarchy represents the Assiac or material governance. Westcott derived Earth Chess Board. The dictating Angel was the Great Angel Ave. The Seniors follow the King in the Order of Hierarchy.

Water – blue with orange symbol Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: In addition, the King may be invoked as a specific force. Enochian Magic requires a solid and firm foundation in the study of the QabalahGeomancyTarotAlchemyand Astrology.

Enochian Fire Tablet

All Tablets are signed on the back by Chic and Tabatha Cicero. They are often referred to as Calvary Crosses. The beginnings of Enochian Magic were coming into place, but the information was just information.

These tablets are sacred objects, and have ennochian power. From these were derived the names of various elemental powers, Angels, beings and spiritual dominions known as Aethyrs. Earth Tablet already flashes. The Watchtower of the West. Planetary Banner small — Mars Flashing color banner measures approximately 15″ x 19″.


Some of the material was actually dictated backwards by the Angel so as not to invoke dangerous forces of power. These angels are only invoked when the Adept wishes to work with a specific subservient angel. Years later in Chicago, a disgruntled Paul Foster Case after being expelled from the order by Moina Mathers ,would lead a quiet crusade to convince fellow students that Enochian Magic enochiam “volatile and dangerous.

COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash There are several methods of colo

All the Enochian letters are in rnochian squares with a red letter. Beginning inthe Elizabethan Magician and his seer continued to uncover the Enochian system over a period of seven years. Enochian Chess Water Board. There is a definite hierarchy to each of these tablets.

It ties in Set earth – green compliment red with Horus fire – red compliment green. I have attempted to locate Galaxie Software, and they appear to be out of business. Truncated Pyramid Water Tablet.