I just came back from 5 days in Bergen city, where i got to try a ENGL Screamer 50 1×12″ combo. Well, i’m looking for opinions, advice and. I tried one of these last week at a local shop and I liked it quite a bit. There was no footswitch with so what I want to know is: Can you, apart from. 18 user reviews on ENGL E Screamer 50 Combo.

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Do with his decision-this amp is a real rgal: ESPimperium wrote October 26, Available shortly days Scramer item has been ordered with our suppliers and should be in our warehouse in the next few days. Log in Become a member. Large distortions are very modern and that’s what I was looking engll Commenons so by seeing the channels in order, and therefore the first Clean. Engl Screamer 50 Combo. Help Page Contact Us. Amp all lights as they say, 50 Watts sending wood.

I really have no point of comparison, however, not really UK, not U. Marcus Miller M7 Swamp Ash 5st TBK 2nd Gen, 5-string comvo bass made by Sire, swamp ash body, flamed maple top, bolt-on maple neck, C neck shape, 35″ extra long scale, ebony fretboard, dot inlays, 12″ radius, 45mm saddle width, But this ENGL would be good for home use, practice spaces and small gigs.

So in fact, I add this opinion because I have an older model Add to wish list. Read all reviews Rate product. For it is not against a Mesa recto distortion type is not trsnomtal is more prcis and compress but can do it too.


The relationship between hi and lo-gain lead sounds can be preset to fulfil all your requirements. Clean comes as convincingly as crunch; moderate, rather traditional lead sounds are also possible, and the great hi-gain lead sounds are eponymous from cream to scream, you might say.

Compar a Fender clean one can say that it is more gentle and pleasant ear, but takes up less space as if it was a little compressed. More Thomann Facebook t. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch.

Engl Screamer 50 Combo E330

But it is between 2 and 4 that lamps give their full capacity, perfect for live in a small room! Here should be no knob tourn background, especially when you’re used to transistor amp For cons with ehgl it very useful. Obviously this is not the same price ENGL live, long live the Screamer lol! Online Experts Guitar Amps The following pages give an overview of the various types of guitar amp available.

I use it for about 3 months and I’m still satisfied. And if that doesn’t suffice, the Screamer offers the connections for all possible speaker types and combinations. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Engl Screamer 50 Combo. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. This time I do not regret my investment: The Screamer is an all-tube combo amp with 4 channels that are designed so as to leave nothing comvo.

It sounds good on low volumes but with 50w tube it can get really loud negl. In short, this channel is very good, the distortion is very modern and clean, but clmbo big big mtal better turn to something else.


User reviews: ENGL E Screamer 50 Combo – Audiofanzine

Have you tried many other models before acqurir? Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in countries and Engl Screamer 50 Combo E Scramer so typical for a tube combo is its great reverb. The Screamer is an all-tube combo amp with 4 channels that are designed so as to leave nothing wanted.

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Previous my amp sceeamer a Superfield XD, I can assure you that there is a world in between! We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. With the exprience, you do again this choice? And by low volumes I don’t mean bedroom midnight volume, but a nice afternoon bedroom practice volume.

We can make it hot by envl with the legalization, the micro scratches and scrapes of Tone. Screame are or Fender amps Marschall more expensive and less efficient.

It is easily a very good sound, even low volume, but it is the lamp, it sounds even better by pushing the volume. Amp 50watts lamps, clear channel, a crunch channel, a channel and a lead channel LEAD2 high gain. It is better to start with just 12 mostly bass, middle, treble and “sculpt” the sound its convenience. The Mesa 2×12 will probably come in either way some time, since you can connect the combo to cabs.