So, let’s get back to the above photo to see a real life example. I selected them in Lightroom and then launched LR/Enfuse with the default . I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often. but many. I’m in Southern California and photograph luxury real estate properties here, often in the $1m to $7m plus range. And my realtor and home builder clients want to. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big.

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I noticed that the images created while using Auto Align end up with a significantly different exposure than those created without it.

LR/Enfuse for InteriorsPhotographer’s Toolbox | Photographer’s Toolbox

The above Lightroom version actually takes a few minutes to composite the image. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the enfse. Examples of my current images of shooting luxury real estate currently include a very long retouching process.

For my taste the above exterior view is a bit washed out.

I concur on the three brackets. Contact Marc by phone Kfalconer 4 years ago. Photography for Real Estate. January 26, at In this example I bounced the flash off the wall to the left. Compare this image to the HDR image: Well, it was easy actually.


Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

Some shots look great, but others get odd color casts or I have real trouble adjusting the rela to get the real natural look. I must admit, this ebfuse the fastest, simplest way for me to do real estate HDR images yet. It does a wonderful job and produce natural results without a fuss.

Do you have guidelines as to how far to bracket in over exposure and under exposure please? Here are the main differences: The dynamic range of the image needs to be compressed to fit within the dynamic range of the chosen media. The shot is taken using ambient light only, and yet everything is well exposed from the forground table right through to the back of the room. Enfuse produces fantastic results, but the command line interface made it quite painful to use. I have one big RE client and that’s mroe of a “volume” client.

I find if I used too over exposed an image it produces a milky hazy look. The 5 Bracket Hybrid Method.

Thanks for posting this. October 17, at 4: The blended image is often just a touch underexposed. I haven’t had a chance to compare them yet. There is no “one size fits all” with regard to exposure fusion techniques. I noticed that you’ve missed that on nearly all of your interior images.


I then open the processed files In PS camera raw and correct white balance using auto and adjust with dropper if required. Step 7 – paint out the imperfection of the flash colour layer then lower the opacity of the flash colour layer Step 8 – make your final adjustments to the image in Lightroom don’t forget to straighten your verticals!

Helicon focus blends multiple exposures where the focus point changes in each one to produce an image with more depth of field than can be achieved with one photo.

Yes, Tim, this is my favourite plugin. Thank you for any help and please excuse my poor english Regards -kai. And my realtor and home builder clients want to see the dramatic views that are outside the windows of these fantastic properties. His work is widely published and sought out by luxury brands.

I know this enfise a big request – just thought I would put it out there.