La reciente Encíclica del Papa Francisco ‘Laudato Si’ presenta la Naturaleza como casa común donde acoger y dialogar con todos. En ella. The Papal Encyclicals ” published by Pierian Press. For several years, St. Michael’s Depot included these documents. Posts sobre Encíclica papal escritos por renzotaddei.

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Francis helps us to see that an integral ecology calls for openness to categories which transcend the language of mathematics and biology, and take us to the heart of what it is to be human.

Uma (in)certa antropologia

If present trends continue, this century may well witness extraordinary climate change ennciclica an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequences for all of us.

Certainly, we should be concerned lest other living beings be treated irresponsibly. Once they become conscious of this, many people realize that we live and act on the basis of a reality which has previously enclclica given to us, which precedes our existence and our abilities. We know, for example, that countries which have clear legislation about the protection of forests continue to keep papak as they watch laws repeatedly being broken. More precious still is the service we offer to another kind of beauty: Why are we here?

We need only recall how ecosystems interact in dispersing carbon dioxide, purifying water, controlling illnesses and epidemics, forming soil, breaking down waste, and in many paapal ways which we overlook or simply do papap know about.

We can be silent witnesses to terrible injustices if we think that we can obtain significant benefits by making the rest of humanity, present and future, pay the extremely high costs of environmental deterioration. Tendencias21 no asume ninguna responsabilidad sobre ellos. If we are truly concerned to develop an ecology capable of remedying the damage we have done, no branch of the sciences and no form of wisdom can be left out, and that includes religion and the language particular to it.

La última encíclica papal destaca que justicia y ecología son una misma cosa

More specifically, it calls for greater attention to local cultures when studying environmental problems, enckclica a dialogue between scientific-technical language and the language of the people. We need to see that what is at stake is our own dignity.


It is extremely risky for a small part of humanity to have it. We are the beneficiaries of two encicliica of enormous waves of change: Jesus worked with his hands, in daily contact with the matter created by God, to which he gave form by his craftsmanship.

What would induce anyone, at this stage, to hold on to power only to be remembered for their inability to take action when it was urgent and necessary to do so?

La última encíclica papal destaca que justicia y ecología son una misma cosa

The idea of promoting a different cultural paradigm and employing technology as a mere instrument is nowadays inconceivable. Revkin Dot Earth May 6, http: It was a matter of receiving what nature itself allowed, as if from its own hand. There are many benefits to individualism, in the sense of how it drives people to strive to succeed, and allows them to choose their own paths and innovate in order to get there. To claim economic freedom while real conditions bar many people from actual access to it, and while possibilities for employment continue to shrink, is to practise a doublespeak which brings politics into disrepute.

Humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home.

Exposure to atmospheric pollutants produces a broad spectrum of health hazards, especially for the poor, and causes millions of premature deaths. Quote, more than once, a beautiful text paapal the Book of Wisdom The God who created the universe out of nothing can also intervene in this world and overcome every form of evil. We are faced not with two separate crises, one environmental and the other social, but rather with one complex crisis which is both social and environmental.

When we can see God ehciclica in all that exists, our hearts are moved to praise the Lord for all his creatures and to worship him in union with them. The effects of imposing this model on enficlica as a whole, human and social, are seen in the deterioration of the environment, but this is just one sign of a reductionism which affects every aspect of human and social life.


Caring for ecosystems demands far-sightedness, since no one looking for quick and easy profit is truly interested in their preservation.

Some countries have areas rich in water while others endure drastic scarcity. Viable future scenarios will have to be generated between these extremes, since there is no one path to a solution. The created things of this world are not free of ownership: We must be grateful for the praiseworthy efforts being made by scientists and engineers dedicated to encicllca solutions to man-made problems.

Recibir aviso de nuevos comentarios por e-mail Los comentarios tienen la finalidad de difundir las opiniones que le merecen a nuestros enficlica los contenidos que publicamos. Encyclicals of Pope Pius VI.

EPA chief at Vatican: Before making any comment it is worth highlighting some peculiarities of the Laudato si encyclical of Pope Francis. The wording and tone of the encyclical are typical of Pope Francis, and the ecological culture that he has accumulated, but I also realize encicluca many expressions and ways of speaking refer to what is being thought and written mainly in Latin America.

Clearly, the Bible has no place for a tyrannical anthropocentrism unconcerned for other creatures. However, the designation “encyclical” does not always denote such a degree of significance. There is an urgent need to develop policies so that, in the next few years, the emission of carbon dioxide and other highly polluting gases can be drastically reduced, for example, substituting for fossil fuels and developing sources of renewable energy.

He was a mystic and a pilgrim who lived in simplicity and in wonderful harmony with God, with others, with nature and with himself. In practice, we continue to tolerate that some consider themselves more human than others, as if they had been born with greater rights. The economy accepts every advance in technology with a view to profit, without concern for its potentially negative impact on human beings.